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Los Angeles Park Has Cell Towers Within Steps of Playground

Up on the hilltop near La Brea and Stocker in Los Angeles, in the Baldwin Hills area, lies a beautiful park, with breathtaking views that overlook the entire city. Right next door is the Inglewood Oil Field. There are also several cell phone towers, just steps from a playground. http://intersectionssouthla.org/story/concerns_arise_as_inglewood_oil_field_plans_for_increased_activity/

I have passed by here often while driving and always meant to stop and gift the towers. (Gifting is the act of leaving a scalar energy device in an outdoor environment to mitigate EMF and increase environmental health) I had never been to this particular overlook, the Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area, on foot. I was shocked by what I saw. At an outdoor park with a hiking path, picnic area and playground, and it was completely lined with cell towers. The towers were so close to the playground, I was shocked to see families with children playing there. The parents seemed unaware of the danger. It is often recommended that towers not be placed near schools, because of the possible damage to children’s developing cells. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A35421-2004Dec29_2.html?noredirect=on Firefighters have even had reported brain damage and have required that 5G cell towers not be placed near their stations. https://sacramento.cbslocal.com/2018/05/29/questions-raised-about-5g-health-risks-months-before-sacramento-launches-service/ So I was not sure why the city of Los Angeles thinks it is okay for these towers and this park to be in such close proximity.

I gifted the area and noticed the energy cascading down through the hillside felt much better when I left. I still might go back later and pad it a little, due to the sheer number of towers there. Hopefully the children in that park will be safer now, and hopefully parents and everyone will become more aware of the dangers of the dead energy emitted from these towers, as well as our own personal devices we use daily. I like technology as much as the next person. Having information at your fingertips is a good thing, but blasting ourselves with constant microwave energy is not. At some point we must compromise for our own health. Using orgone/scalar energy devices and reducing your time exposed to electronics is a great place to start. We should strongly oppose 5G as it is a public health issue, you can’t enjoy your fast internet connection if you have cancer. There should also be discussions locally about where towers can be placed where they will not fry children at play. You can refer to my photos below, which also reveal the yucky sky caused by cloud-seeding operations. :( We can do better, in the meantime, we must gift for those who are unaware.