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Evidence That Scalar Energy Repels Geoengineering Pollution

Hello and welcome to my new site! I'm very excited to share my creations, as well as the latest things I have been learning on my journey. Rather than choose just one thing to focus on, I want this business, website, and blog to be about everything. I've tried and learned many things, and I'd love to share what I think works and what doesn't. But let's get right on to the purpose of this first post, shall we?

Being a maker of orgone energy products, I do have concern about the effects of geoengineering on human and planet health.  I began to notice the stripes in the sky several years ago and have noticed a difference in air quality. I feel like many people are uncomfortable acknowledging or talking about it still in 2018, although some have become more accepting that this is happening and and are beginning to become more open. I feel that it is of grave concern, if there are chemicals being sprayed into the sky every day, is this okay to breathe? The chemicals go into our waterways, soil and food, is that safe? I feel like it's time for society to put it's grown-up pants on, and start asking questions. 

One thing I just had to know is, what amount of these chemicals is in our rainwater? Because ultimately, even if it is not "drinking water" (which is also not safe to drink) it does end up in our bodies, as it goes into our waterways, soil and food, not to mention the air we breathe, and what about the health of the environment? I also wanted to test the effectiveness of scalar energy on repelling these chemicals back up into the atmosphere as has been reported. I suggested to my friend Kenny, a local activist, that we each get samples of our own rainwater tested to see if there is a difference. He lives in the valley and has no devices on his property whatsoever. I live in Echo Park and as a maker, I have a plethora of orgone devices on and around my property.  As with all of my personal experiments with orgone devices, the results are astounding. 

Echo Park (Orgone Zone)

Aluminum 42.6 ug Barium 23.6 ug Strontium 30.8 ug

Arleta (No Devices)

Aluminum 1810 ug Barium 73.5 ug Strontium 177 ug

I added a screen shot of the results below if you would like more detailed info. Below that is the LADWP Water Quality Monitoring Results for comparison. Of course the report is regarding drinking water and we tested rainwater, but it gives us a ballpark figure of what people in lab coats say is safe for our bodies, even though they can just change the "safe" numbers as they go up, I don't really trust that either. (I'm also concerned about them adding fluoride to drinking water as it is a neurotoxin, but that is another topic for another time.) If I'm reading the chart correctly, water in LA that has been treated averages less than 50 ug of aluminum. My sample falls into that range, but Kenny's does not.  Although we experience the same amount of spraying, the amount of chemicals falling on Kenny's property is much higher. That gives me confidence that these devices work as a protection tool, but it also makes me concerned about the health of our planet. This clandestine operation has been happening for years with no oversight from the public. I am hopeful that people are finally waking up to this uncomfortable truth, that we are being sprayed without consent, and what do we do about it? I hope that people can become brave enough to address this so it can be stopped. In the meantime, I encourage people to protect yourselves with scalar energy, it is a cheap and easy solution until we can figure this thing out. I will be sending Kenny in Arleta some tower busters, it looks like he needs them. 

xx Kelly





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