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Gifting Scalar Energy & Clearing Chemtrails - Visual Results

I am actually fairly new to making scalar energy devices; six months ago, I didn't even know what they were. I have always been into saving the environment, and the past decade or so of my life I have become very interested in natural health and healing, slowly learning new things as I go. One thing I had struggled with since childhood was insomnia. A few years back, the problem got really bad, and determined to get to the root cause, I visited many doctors seeking advice. One told me it was stress and prescribed me pharmaceutical drugs. Another said it's your diet, change it. Another advised me to take an adrenal supplement and use hormone cream. While the diet change and adrenal supplement did seem to help, it wasn't the magic bullet. 

When I moved in with my boyfriend a couple of years ago, he insisted in having wifi in the home. I tried to place salt lamps throughout the house, but the effect was mild. Then, late in 2017, I was listening to a podcast I listen to often, and they interviewed a girl who makes orgone devices. I heard what she said they could do, and I thought, that sounds unbelievable, but I was intrigued. Seeing that these devices are not expensive, I decided to order a couple of small pieces for my home and try them out. I was amazed. I had never slept so well, and it has continued, my sleep pattern has completely changed, I fall asleep early and sleep through the night almost all the time now. I also felt noticeably more clear-headed. Wifi truly is not healthy, but they don't tell us how unhealthy it is or how to protect ourselves, why? 

After my sleep pattern changed, I became convinced of the benefits of having these devices in your home. I had heard of the other amazing things they could do from researching online, that they could revive plants and waterways, clear chemtrails, and even repel chemtrail pollution back up into the atmosphere so it doesn't fall on us. But, as we all know, we have people making claims about things wherever we look. We have a media who tells us what to think about this or that. I simply don't trust an authority figure to tell me anything, I want to see for myself and make up my own mind, especially if I am going to personally recommend something, I need to know for myself that it works. So as soon as I started making these devices, I began to test them, the first test I did was by gifting. (Gifting is the act of leaving tower busters in an outdoor environment such as near cell towers, plants and waterways so that they may receive the benefits)

Obviously, the first time I walked around my neighborhood distributing tower busters I felt like a complete crazy lady, but something compelled me to do it, I just had to try it out. I ran into some neighbors who saw me about to gift,  and I decided to explain to them what I was doing so they didn't think I was there doing something illicit. The one guy said "Are you a hippy?" (uh, perhaps? lol) When I was throwing tower busters into Echo Park lake, I was thinking, I sure hope this works, otherwise I am just tossing plastic into the lake! But wow, did it amaze me. 

About three weeks after gifting, I drove by the lake, and the water appeared to have risen by at least a foot or two! The plant life has increased greatly, it was green and growing as I had never seen it in the years I have been going to that park! The animals look very happy there and so do the people. A park that was already beautiful, is now extremely beautiful with lush, growing plant life. I have included before and after photos in this post. So that test pleased me very much, I knew that I was not wasting my time. 

I have also gifted the pond at Descanso Gardens, and after going back a few months later, the water level appears higher and more clear, with greener plant life. (see photos) I have cleared chemtrails above my home within 20 minutes by simply placing a bunch of pyramids outside. (see photos) I also received concrete proof that these devices repel chemtrail pollution when I had my rainwater tested in comparison with my friend's who didn't have any devices on his property. His rainwater had 42 times the amount of aluminum in it! You can read about those results in detail in my previous blog post. With this knowledge, I would love to get tower busters into the hands of farmers who are growing our food. We do not need those heavy metals going into our bodies. 

So I now feel confident in telling people yes, this works, this is something you can use to protect yourself and your family from the silent killers, EMF and chemtrail pollution. Nobody wants to give up their phone, their wifi, and I understand, that is why it's important that people know that we have technology we can use to protect ourselves and lessen the effects, and it's inexpensive and requires no electricity. But don't take my word for it, I encourage people to run your own experiments and test these devices for yourself. We should all stand in our own authority, please try it out and decide for yourself. 

xx Kelly