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Stanford & The CIA Agree - Scalar Energy Can Have a Profound Effect on Human Health

Wilhelm Reich, who discovered that by layering organic and inorganic matter, you could generate what he called "orgone" energy, died in a federal prison. The government had burned all of his books and equipment. He was sent to prison because he ignored an injunction from the Food and Drug Administration to stop using his orgone energy accumulator, which they had outlawed.  He believed that his energy accumulators could charge the body with positive energy and heal it from disease, or stimulate the body to heal itself. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?  http://www.foxnews.com/story/2007/11/06/scientists-working-to-advance-wilhelm-reich-sexual-energy-cosmic-life-force.html

There are many who believe that disease has an underlying, energetic cause, and that by healing that, you can heal the disease, with no need for Western medicine methods. If this is true, it is a truly amazing discovery. I believe this is indeed highly possible due to my own experience as a healer. Since becoming an Usui Holy Fire II reiki practitioner, I have felt the profound healing effects of this energy, and have gotten amazing reports from friends and family that I have treated. I also felt the profound effects of using scalar/orgone energy,  since I began keeping it in and around my home. The improvement in my sleep alone has healed me profoundly. 

That being said, one wonders why subtle energy work is not more mainstream and popular. Could it be that technologies and advancements in healing have been demonized, and even outright suppressed, due to the fact that there are people who are making a lot of money off of the way things are, and that is why they don't want it to change? I have heard of some hospitals employing reiki practitioners, which I think is wonderful. I believe that subtle energy work is an amazing supplement to receiving care from an ethical doctor. We could debate all day long about whether it is placebo effect or not.  Even if it is, isn't it amazing how we can heal ourselves on an energetic level? 

Back to Wilhelm Reich and how he was demonized and thrown in prison, one has to wonder why? If all he was doing was having people sit in boxes, what is the harm in that? Why throw him in prison? Could it be, that his orgone energy accumulators were actually very effective, and that is why the FDA wanted to suppress the technology? Was he a threat to the pharmaceutical industry? It sure seems that nowadays at least, the CIA and Stanford seem to think there is merit to scalar energy work. I was tickled the other night when my friend Tamara sent me links to some research on scalar energy that she had come across. The CIA has this on their own website, which references this study done by Stanford. I will link both. 



The Stanford study states that "The unusual properties of these non-linear waves have also been described by other investigators(8,11,12). However, relatively lithe attention been given to their effects on biological systems. Due to the non-linear nature of biological systems it was proposed that scalar waves should be more biologically active than their linear electromagnetic counterparts." Wow. More gems coming up: "Very recently, Dr. Puharich has reported that the scalar energy from the Tesla watch effects the DNA of E.Coli cells grown in tissue culture(18). Working with the Max Planck Institute in Germany, they have shown that the RAD-6 gene is activated by scalar energy resulting in increased activity of ubiquitone. Ubiquitone is a protein involved in DNA repair. These results indicate that scalar energy can have a direct effect at the subcellular level as well as a direct effect on the immune system (mast cells)." This is not pseudo-science people, this is coming from Stanford. Wait, there is more:

"These results allow us to conclude that the scalar energy has a direct effect on nerve cells. The inhibition of uptake is time dependant with no significant effect being observed after a 10 minute exposure. It is unknown whether exposure times greater than 30 minutes would produce a larger effect or whether the effect would be maintained either in the continued presence of the scalar field or not. Page 5 of 6 12/20/2000 7:07 PM These questions will be examined in additional experiments. Since inhibition of uptake occurred after orgy 30 minutes, it is likely that this effect is an early biological response to scalar energy and may be the trigger for subsequent physiological changes that result in improvement of a wide variety of clinical diseases. Since the scalar energy inhibited the uptake process, it is acting like a traditional antidepressant drug, thereby explaining the antidepressant action of the Tesla watch experienced by some individuals. These results also indicate that scalar energy, like electromagnetic energy, can have a direct effect on the cell membrane. Since both scalar and electromagnetic energy both have the same effect on neurotransmitter uptake, the results offer indirect support for the Crystalline Transduction theory. Thus it is possible in the membrane and the latter actually causes the biological effect. However, it is also possible that the scalar energy will have a direct effect on the uptake system. Since biological systems are constantly exposed to exogenous electromagnetic fields, it will be difficult to determine the relative contributions of each type of energy to the resultant biological effect. The use of Faraday cages to shield and minimize the electromagnetic fields might give a situation where the environment was relatively enriched in scalar energy. It would also be of interest to determine whether alterations in the liquid crystal structure in the membrane would change their biological effects. In light of the previous discussion, it is also possible that scalar energy will effect other cells in the body in addition to nerve cells. The tissue culture approach will be an invaluable tool in determining to what extent this is true. This approach could also be used to find out whether diseased cells are preferentially sensitive to scalar energy. The tissue culture approach is therefore a valuable method for studying the biological effects of scalar energy and for ultimately characterizing its mechanism of action."

I highly recommend reading through the entire Stanford study. It is truly fascinating and validates that the energy created by these devices, can have a profound effect on healing. It is worth doing much more research into this topic. I only feel comfortable telling people what my own experiences have proven to be true; having scalar energy devices in my home have improved my sleep and focus. My water test proved that they are protecting me from having chemicals from cloud-seeding operations fall on my property in the rain. I have seen them clear the "chemtrails" above my home, and seen them improve the health of waterways and increase plant growth. I did not know of their direct effect on health, but Stanford and the CIA seem to think there is merit to this research, and so do I. We can only continue to study these amazing technologies, healing both ourselves and the planet. 


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