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Healing Depression On An Energetic Level

Depression, and it's close cousins, anxiety and addiction, affect so many people today. I know them well. Our society feeds this in both direct and subtle ways, making us feel unworthy or unlovable if we are not rich, thin, successful, etc. Many people are strained financially and stressed. People do not always treat each other well, adding to the pile. In a society where practices of respect and compassion for self and others is not taught, and instead divisiveness is perpetuated so that power structures can maintain control, it's no wonder that many are left feeling anxious and hopeless. I have been on my own journey of healing for many years now. I had severe depression on and off since childhood. As an adult I was doing my best to heal and live my best life, but conventional methods, like just talking to a therapist, while definitely helpful, were not the magic bullet. Due to experiencing scary side effects with psychotropic drugs as a teenager, I had sworn off all prescription medications except in case of emergency. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/dr-mark-hyman/depression-medication-why_b_550098.html

I began having breakthroughs when I began to think of myself as an energetic being, who needed to be healed on an energetic level. I don't think mainstream science has quite caught up to this yet, (or the pharmaceutical industry does not want it to $$$) but I keep seeing new scientific breakthroughs regarding subtle energy all the time, which is quite exciting. I think that it is the energy that we cannot see that is the key to everything. Let's start with the basics, what is subtle energy? Energy is information moving, right? (thank you Cyndi Dale for defining that so succinctly in your book) All energy that operates on a frequency range that is higher than that of visible light cannot be seen with the human eye, except for those with extreme sensitivity or psychic ability. (or a GDV - EPC Kirlian camera. You bet one of these puppies is on my wish list. http://www.gdv-epckirlian.com/ ) That leaves a lot of information that cannot be seen. When you combine that with the power of the subconscious mind, it's no wonder that many struggle to find treatment that works for them. http://lonemind.com/26-experts-reveal-secrets-subconscious-mind-people-dont-know/ Which leads me to something that I think is very important in this process. 

Identify The Root Cause of Your Pain

This can be painful, but if you want to heal, you must face the darkness and challenge it head on. If you truly want to change, this is the first step. Many of us have suppressed painful memories from childhood that manifest later in our lives as depression, anxiety and addiction. It could be that you had suffered abuse, or even being bullied at school is trauma for a child that can manifest as depression and feelings of worthlessness. Whatever it may be for you, acknowledge that it happened to you, it hurt you, but you are ready to release the event or events now, and the negative belief system that came with it, you would no longer like to carry it with you. Put out the intention of healing the wound. It is possible that some people sufferer from depression simply because of a chemical imbalance that requires medication, but I believe that more often than not, there is an unhealed trauma that may have caused a domino effect of negative events. Here is a doctor who believes that the root cause of addiction is trauma, and treats his patients with ayahuesca, leading me to my next section. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/gabor-mate-addiction_us_569fd18ae4b0fca5ba76415c 

Sacred Plant Medicines & Altered States of Consciousness

If you are trying to heal yourself from depression, please do not self-medicate with illicit drugs and alcohol. While I know firsthand how easy this is to do when you are feeling desperate, it is very dangerous and only puts you further from your goal of healing. Our energy body, our aura, is a shield that protects us. When we become drunk or take illicit drugs, our shield gets holes in it and can be invaded by any entity. It's pretty scary and no joke.  https://truththeory.com/2017/05/28/spiritual-consequences-alcohol-consumption/ I have no issue with the use of medical marijuana so long as it works with your particular chemistry, as that has never killed anyone. Use caution, as natural or not, medication should be given from a healthcare provider, only go to a registered dispensary in states with legal marijuana. CBD can be given with no psychoactive effects. Here is a resource if you would like to do more research on whether or not this is right for you. https://www.projectcbd.org/anxiety There are many kinds of CBD on the market, and not all are created equal. Here is more info on finding the right CBD for you. https://sundayscaries.com/blog/buying-cbd-for-the-first-time/  (CBD can even be given to pets with anxiety) For some people, complete sobriety is the way to go. Be honest with yourself. 

Back to ayahuesca and other sacred plant medicines. I personally think this can be a very healing experience to be had only by someone who is really ready to look both inside themselves, and out into the universe, as there is a connection there. It is not something to be done for fun or recreation at all, it is deep inner work. You are shown what you need to see to heal yourself and connect to your purpose, if you are ready. If you think that you want to do this, please be careful who you go to. With the popularity of sacred plant medicines in recent years inspiring ayahuesca tourism in countries like Peru, unfortunately that also brings charlatans claiming to be shamans trying to make a buck, or even sexual predators.  Do thorough research on your shaman beforehand, or visit a reputable center. Make sure your shaman protects the space and please do the cleanse so you are pure to take the medicine. (Follow a vegan diet with no sugar, coffee, alcohol or marijuana for four days before) People have reported profound healing effects in a short amount of time in working with sacred plant medicines such as ayahuesca, san pedro, and iboga. Here is a popular documentary about DMT if you are not familiar. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtT6Xkk-kzk There is also now quite a bit of research into healing depression with psilocybin. https://www.businessinsider.com/peter-thiel-backed-startup-making-magic-mushrooms-2018-7 I am excited by the prospect of the use of these natural medicines becoming mainstream treatments for depression, in the hopes that shamanic traditions will be respected of course, as well as the preservation of lands where these medicines are grown. Shamanic journeying can also be accomplished without the use of substances at all however, the mind is enough on it's own, we create our own DMT in our pineal gland. *Update 9/9/18, I've just read this blog on psychedelics by a writer I like, Caitlin Johnstone, which nicely sums up how experimenting with our own consciousness is our right as sovereign beings, I will link it here. https://caitlinjohnstone.com/2018/09/09/twenty-one-thoughts-on-psychedelics/ 

Experiment With Holistic Remedies

I had never tried energetic essences until recently. It's not that I wasn't open to it, it just had not crossed my path yet. A friend of mine who is a shaman and healer recommended this formula. I have always had good results from her recommendations, so I took her seriously on this one too. As soon as I clicked on the website and read about the ingredients, I was like "take my money!" It is called 'Liberation the Remedy' and was developed by an expert in homeopathy. The main goal of the solution is to flush the body of karmic memories that we carry in our energy body that weigh us down. This one is a work in progress for me, I can say I had very good results from the first bottle. I had interesting and insightful dreams, and felt noticeably clearer after. I am going to take another bottle and continue to work with it. This could possibly help the flush the energy field of what it no longer needs. You may read all about Liberation the Remedy on their website. https://liberationtheremedy.com/ 

 Remove Stuck Energy

Yes, you can remove stuck energy from your body quite simply using magnets. I watched an interview with Dr. Bradley Nelson, the wrote the book 'The Emotion Code'. He explained that when we feel strong, intense emotions, they can become stuck in our energy body, always being close by to return. He came up with a method using muscle testing,  and a series of questions to diagnose what the stuck emotion is, and when it occurred, in order to release it by running magnets along our main meridians with the intention of letting the emotion go. I challenge you to try this before you judge. I am very sensitive to energy and feeling, and I removed probably about 30-40 of those little energy balls, and felt lighter after, lol. Yes, you can treat yourself using this method. There are 'Emotion Code' practitioners who can help you, you can read the book, or also just glean info off of his website, as he kindly puts it there for you to use. Remove your stuck emotions, just like you don't want to walk around with physical dirt, we must cleanse our emotional "dirt." Here is a link to Dr. Bradly Nelson's website if you would like to learn more. http://www.drbradleynelson.com/

Reiki/Energy Healing

If you are suffering from any ailment, reiki or other modalities of energy healing can only be beneficial. I became an Usui Holy Fire II practitioner a couple of years ago in my healing quest, and the results have been amazing. Connecting to this energy helped me heal so much, and continue to. I treat myself, friends, and family on a regular basis, as well as charge the scalar energy devices I make. I am excited to receive my master level attunement as soon as I can. I have also heard good things about pranic healing and other modalities, but since reiki is what I know, that is what I will explain here for those that have never experienced it. 

Reiki is healing energy from higher-dimensional beings that is channeled from a practitioner to the receiver of energy. It can be done hands on or at a distance, since this energy exists outside of time and space. http://www.iflscience.com/physics/your-future-set-stone-spacetime/ The healer will ask you if there is anything in particular that is ailing you. If it is an in-person session, they may also scan your energy field with their hands to see if there is any imbalance that they can detect. The spin of the chakras can be detected with a pendulum. They will then start sending the healing energy, starting at the head and working down, spending more time in needed areas. Crystals can be used in the process to amplify the healing energy and target specific chakras according to the color of the stone. https://www.collective-evolution.com/2014/03/15/scientists-quantify-graphically-chart-energy-of-human-chakras-in-various-emotional-states/ We now have scientific evidence of the chakras, energy centers which govern different emotions and states of life. It is believed that the chakras are constantly taking in and putting out information that our thinking brain in our head is not necessarily aware of. Sending healing energy to the chakras is very powerful, and needs to be experienced and felt to be believed. If you are curious to try reiki and would like a distance healing, send me a message on the contact page to discuss my rate and set up an appointment. If you would like an in-person session in Los Angeles, I highly recommend my friend and teacher Jules, she is very gifted. Here is a link to her site. http://healingwithjules.com/home/

Scalar Energy Can Only Help

I'm very excited about the healing prospects of scalar energy. While it is not a definitive cure, there is evidence that scalar energy waves can have a direct and positive effect on living cells. You may refer to my previous blog post about the Stanford study regarding the healing effects of scalar energy. I am also quite interested in the research of Dr. Valerie Hunt. She developed a high-frequency instrument which records bio-electrical energy. Her research found that if scalar energy is strong enough, it can get stuck cells moving, assisting with the flow of fluids and healing. You can read more about her work here. http://www.valerievhunt.com/ValerieVHunt.com/Valerie_Hunt_Research.html 

Even if we were to completely remove the possible healing properties of scalar energy, and just talk about how it transmutes the dead energy from wifi and cell phone fields, that can still have a profound effect on your mental outlook, seeing as wifi can cause feelings of anxiety and insomnia. Protecting yourself from harmful energies is an important part of self-care, which we all need to take time for. https://www.globalhealingcenter.com/natural-health/10-shocking-facts-health-dangers-wifi/ 

Honor Yourself with Self-Care & A Daily Spiritual Practice

I say honor yourself, because you need to acknowledge yourself as important and special to the universe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLPkpBN6bEI We are all drops of water in the same ocean, connected, but going through our own unique experience. https://www.lawofone.info/ Taking care of yourself is taking care of the collective, so it is okay to do the things you need to do to be healthy and feel good. Taking care of self is not selfish, as once you are happy and healthy, you are then better able to help others. Do you feel like you do not deserve good things? It could be from subconscious conditioning that needs to be removed. Start telling yourself good things every day, and even say it out loud, as the voice is a powerful tool in creation. I have a daily chanting practice that has done amazing things for my life, as there is evidence that vocalizing an intention has a direct effect on your environment. https://www.billybeck.com/mental-conditioning/the-rice-experiment-this-will-blow-your-mind They say that your environment is a direct reflection of what is going on inside of you, so if that is the case you can fix it only by going inside, and changing that. That is not to say that things are your fault, just that you can do your best to do practices that help to turn off that little negative voice, so that the real you, who is beautiful, smart and perfect in every way the way you are, can shine through. You can read more about self-care here: http://selfcaring.info/what-is-self-care/

You don't have to be religious or even believe in a higher power to be spiritual. Many religions have been hijacked by malevolent forces that seek to have power and control people, turning some people off to spirituality altogether. But having no spiritual practice at all is not healthy. Meditation is definitely beneficial to everyone, and evidence shows that it can change the brain. https://www.forbes.com/sites/alicegwalton/2015/02/09/7-ways-meditation-can-actually-change-the-brain/ Chanting is a powerful form of prayer. Even the simple act of practicing gratitude and forgiveness daily has a powerful energetic effect on your life and environment. Even when it seems like everything is going wrong, and people have deceived you and made you angry, holding onto that energy is like eating poison arrows. As difficult as it may be, try every morning saying three things you are grateful for, and forgive yourself and those who have wronged you. It doesn't mean you accept the behavior, you just choose not to let it harm you anymore. When you even think of wishing harm to others, it is karmically the same as wishing it to yourself. Karma is intention, what you put out comes back, so be wise in your intent.

A simple meditation that I like to do sometimes, involves sitting down in a comfortable position with your spine straight. Breathe in slowly through your nose, imagining a beam of healing white light coming in through your crown chakra, and flowing down to your root. Breath out slowly through your stomach and exhale through your mouth, imagining any dark energy, stress and anxiety, flowing out with the breath. Repeat until you feel cleansed, returning to a simple meditation, breathing slowly in and out through the nose, focusing on the pineal gland. Many people prefer guided meditations, of which there are many on youtube. 

Maybe experiencing spirituality for you is as simple as getting outdoors and being one with nature. Maybe it is practicing art, doing yoga, or doing something you love. Whatever it is that makes you feel good, connected, and part of a community, get out and do it. Make an effort to connect to friends and family, and be around positive people who can cheer you up. If you are in a toxic environment, ask the universe to assist you in finding the best way to a healthy place for you. You can do this like a prayer, or just simply ask out loud. Saying something three times holds more power, and your answers might not come how you expect, just be ready. Help is always there, but because of the laws of free will, you must ask for it. 

I encourage people who are experiencing depression to not give up. Nothing is permanent, there is always a way to fix and heal things. Healing can be a long process of personal evolution and healing that can take years. Practice kindness, patience, and compassion with yourself and others. Don't be hard on yourself, take care of yourself. If your depression is severe, please make an appointment to speak with a licensed therapist in your area. If you are suicidal, please contact a suicide hotline for immediate help. https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/ Sending love and healing to all reading this!


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Sitting atop a healing crystal rock during a 2017 camping trip.

Sitting atop a healing crystal rock during a 2017 camping trip.