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Mysterious Orbs Spotted Above Los Angeles - Video

I have been sitting on this information for months now and not really talking about it, mostly because I’m not sure what it is and I don’t know what to make of it. I will just come out and say it, I personally have had three UFO sightings within a year and half of each other, the first in January of 2017 and the most recent in June of 2018. All of them involved white orbs. While I have had several paranormal experiences in my life, these are the only three instances in which I have seen orbs in the sky, and that is what I’d like to delve into today. I think we can all agree that in this vast universe, there has to be life on other planets, right? I hope we have progressed that far, that we do not think human beings are the only life in the universe that progressed passed the amoeba stage. I don’t think many of us can grasp what or who might be out there, possibly visiting us. There are even whistleblowers that have come forward from the alleged Secret Space Program that have very interesting stories to tell. https://www.exopolitics.org/secret-space-programs-sphere-being-alliance-corey-goode-testimony/ What myself, my boyfriend, my neighbor, and my friend Sam all saw could also very much be of this Earth, some advanced technology that has not been revealed to the public. I am only speculating, and will report on what I saw as just that, what I saw, without pretending to know what it is.

January 2017

I was driving in Los Angeles on the 5 freeway heading North, going from downtown into the valley. I was driving to Ikea to buy curtains. It was evening and it was dark, just after rush hour, and the freeway was still very busy. Anyone who has driven this route knows that you see the hills that overlook the San Fernando valley when you drive this way. I was on my way when my eyes became fixated on a HUGE WHITE ORB over the hill. It was very large and very luminescent, like a light bulb, or what the moon might look like if it were sitting at the hilltop and had a completely smooth surface. My eyes became fixated on it for a count of about, one, two, three, and then it suddenly darted very fast back behind the hill. I am not sure of the size and am not good at guessing such things, but if I had to try I would say it was hundreds of feet in diameter or more and perfectly round. I was stunned and asked myself “what was that?” Of course I was driving so I kept my eyes on the road and when I got off the freeway and got to Ikea, I called my boyfriend to tell him what I had seen. I asked him to jump on the internet and see if anyone else had reported seeing this. He said they hadn’t. Well I wasn’t going to be the lone nut calling in to the news station, (ha!) so I got my vegan balls from the cafe, my curtains, and went on with my night. To be clear this orb looked very different than the other instances I am about to describe, in that it was much larger and darted very fast.

May 2018

This is the first time I saw one of the smaller orbs. It was a Sunday, my boyfriend and I were hanging out around the house and I was outside making some orgone pieces. The other thing that was happening at the time is that geoengineering planes were flying overhead and spraying quite low. I looked up and saw this orb just hovering over my house. It was much smaller than the one I saw in January 2017, and it was just hanging out there for about 20 minutes. I called my boyfriend outside to look at it and whipped out my camera to take a video. My neighbor came by and I pointed it out to her, she could also clearly see this orb. Unfortunately, my little android camera did not do the trick of picking up this small orb that was easily visible to the naked eye, so I only ended up with a five minute video of my skeptic boyfriend and I arguing about what it could be. (lol!) I would be in luck though, because my friend Sam, who I had shared the story with, SAW THE EXACT SAME THING ABOVE HIS HOUSE TWO WEEKS LATER, AND HE CAUGHT IN ON VIDEO. I posted the video below with Sam’s permission. This is exactly what I saw too. I was amazed that he had seen the same thing above his house. What is it??

June 2018

They’re baaaack. This time I was home alone, the only things in common with the last sighting being that I was outside making orgone pieces, and the geoengineering planes were out spraying low above my house. I looked up and saw not one, but two of the orbs! The exact same ones as the one I had seen in May, and the same as in the video that Sam sent me. I attempted another video, but again the camera did not capture what the naked eye could see. (I suppose I need a better camera to capture all of this excitement) By this time I was like well, I guess we are old friends now, waved to them and just went on with making my pyramids. They hung around for about 20 minutes again.

This leaves me with more questions than answers. What are the orbs? Are they a craft or being from another planet, or simply some modern surveillance technology that we are not aware of? Is there some link between the smaller orbs and the planes spraying, since that was the common denominator there? Many people who make orgone/scalar energy devices do report UFO sightings. It makes sense that they would be attracted to the energy and curious about it, but to my knowledge Sam does not make or have any of these devices and he saw it too. I wonder what they are, I am definitely interested in finding out.


November 2018

Update 11/25/18: The mystery orb came back! I saw it hovering above my Los Angeles neighborhood in the early morning hours of both 11/23/18 and 11/24/18 between 6-7am. On the 23rd, I stood watching it for awhile and tried to take pictures on my phone, but again what was visible to the naked eye would not show up on my phone, since it is a smaller orb. My neighbor came by and took a photo on his phone, we both were curious what it could be. I was pleasantly surprised that the very next morning as I went outside, there it was again. This time it was bright enough to capture good photos and video! I have uploaded the videos to youtube and posted them below. The mystery continues.

December 2018

The orb was back this morning 12/2, 12/9, 12/10, 12/11, 12/13, 12/15, 12/16, 12/19, 12/22, 12/23, and I was able to get more footage and photos. I have added the video below just to make sure we are keeping score. I am trying to observe patterns. I have seen craft fly right by it twice this week including today, so somebody else knows it is there. On the morning of 12/15, it was still in the sky around 7:30am but was gone by 7:45. Curiouser and curiouser.

So most of the recent sightings have had a consistent location and time range; early in the morning, visible from around 6am and disappears around 7-8am. This has led me to speculate if this is not some surveillance or measurement technology. Things got weirder on the afternoon of 12/16. I was at Descanso Gardens, a place in Southern California that I love to go for it’s beauty and serenity. I had previously gifted the waterways there, and was observing how the ponds still look great with a clearer sky above the areas that had received orgone. As I was looking up, there it was, the same kind of orb! This deflates any theory of it being a planet only visible in the early morning hours, something I had considered. In fact as I observed it, the light grew brighter and dimmer. This orb moved silently and slowly, moving down, up, and eventually flying off into a chemtrail over the hillside. I showed the orb to some people at the gardens passing by, and we had a small crowd going observing the sky for about 15 minutes or so. I took several photos, I attached one below. I wrote in pink on the photo from Descanso Gardens so that we know this is not an Echo Park sighting pic, but I assure you these photos or videos have not been doctored in any way other than writing on that one photo in this post. Someone suggested that it could be a surveillance drone, which would make sense to me. I clicked on photos of surveillance drones, and that is not what it looked like, so I’m not convinced, the jury is still out on what this could be. I do notice this occurs around the same time as the geoengineering planes spray, so I wonder if there is a correlation. Hmm.

*Update 12/28/18: I see this in the morning so often now, that recording it is becoming redundant. Is the one that I see in the morning different than the sightings I had in the afternoon, in which the orb moved around? I do not know, but if anything new and exciting happens, I will update.

January 2019 A Chem Bomb??

I had decided that the orb I have been seeing regularly in the morning was probably a planet such as Polaris or Venus, strangely and vibrantly still visible in daylight until 7-8am. I am not an astronomy expert and am not sure about that. But that doesn’t explain the orbs myself and others have seen in the afternoon, they move and are definitely something else entirely, but what, I wasn’t sure, until someone brought this video to my attention. I recommend the whole video, but for the pertinent info about orbs, I recommend watching minutes 46:00-50:00. Wow.


I had suspected that there may be a correlation between the orbs I was seeing and the chemical spraying, since spraying was always occurring when I saw the orbs. I am just learning what a “chem bomb” is, apparently it is made a plasma, is launched into the atmosphere and explodes releasing who knows what. Here is a video by a man who saw the same thing outside of San Diego, and he actually recorded the orb exploding.


Here is a documentary on the topic of flying orbs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOMoyidLXe4

Here is a man in Las Vegas who claims he can summon these orbs and does so for news cameras:


While I like having a question answered and a mystery solved, something tells me that whatever is in these orbs, or chem bombs, is probably not healthy for us or the planet. We must act fast to stop the crazed billionaires who are implementing reckless, cockamamie schemes in plying us with harmful chemicals and frequencies against our will. Take action here: https://zero5g.com/take-action-usa/

March 2019: Update

I feel as though I am being fed clues to solve or reveal some mystery. On March 31, 2019, it was a normal Sunday and I went to hit a local park for a jog. Upon entering the park, I noticed an orb-like, silent drone floating above the trees, fairly close to the ground. If this is the same thing that I have previously seen, then this is the closest I’ve ever gotten to it. I took 2 videos which I posted below. What I saw appeared to be an apparatus of 2 orb-like lights that spun around and around, making no sound. In the video it appears to be an orb, but to the naked eye I could see 2 lights spinning. I hiked up the hill to get closer to it and track it, but lost sight of it in the trees, then it was gone. To be continued.

July 2019: Update

My friend Sam who sent me the orb video also posted in this blog had yet another sighting which he caught on video! I have posted his video and a photo he took with his permission below. Both he and I have had multiple sightings. Why us? I don’t know if there is any reason beyond the fact that we both look up at the sky and many don’t, but who knows. He was in Marina Del Rey on the 4th of July, and an orb was hovering nearby above the boats for about 2 hours. I asked if anyone else noticed, and he said people were just looking at their phones. Try looking up, you might see something interesting, I definitely have.

On July 25, 2019, I saw this orb again floating above my neighborhood near my house. I attempted to take video, but it did not show up on camera due to it being a small orb. Sometimes I can catch it, sometimes I can’t. I am inclined to believe this is a drone technology, but I don’t know for certain. I have definitely seen drones flying over Los Angeles recently in the form of small planes with no windows flying low over my neighborhood. If you want to know what is happening in the sky, you have to look up. I will update further if more sightings occur.