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Testing the Mini Chembuster - Visual Results

I always test my products myself, because I want to see something with my own eyes before I will believe it and endorse it to other people. My rain water test was a pretty good indication to me that scalar energy can repel geoengineering pollution. You can also see these results visually on days with heavy chemical spraying.



Today was no exception. After what seemed like a few weeks of less (or more covert at least) spraying in Los Angeles, the planes unfortunately were out in full force the last few days. They have been spraying a lot and very low. It has been so severe that a friend suggested we should all be wearing masks and I agree. Or we should at least have a lot of orgone around to protect us as much as possible. If someone reading this happens to be unfamiliar with geoengineering and weather modification, here are a few links to check out.




Well it just so happened that as I was looking up at the sky today, completely disgusted that myself and my neighbors were being sprayed so low like roaches, I remembered that I make scalar energy devices, and I have a tool to fight back. I put the two mini chembusters I just made outside along with a few pyramids to put all the power out there I could, and went back inside. I was in the house for no more than 10 minutes tops, came back out, and the results were amazing. See photo below. It was completely cleared in minutes.

We should all be concerned that companies are allowed to spray us like this. Weather modification is legal. We should also have grave concerns about 5G, reports say it’s quite dangerous for our health and energy field. Unfortunately, because corporate news mainly promotes sideshows to distract the people from what is really going on, public awareness is low. https://www.naturalblaze.com/2018/09/weaponizing-frequencies-the-coming-tidal-wave.html I think the best thing to do right now is work on making people aware of the hazards of 5G, harmful EMF from wifi and cell phones, and the dangers of chemical spraying. That is the air we breathe, and the chemicals seep into our food and water. When our energy field is compromised as happens around harmful EMF, we are not at our full power, this is a health concern. We should also have as much scalar energy around as possible as a protection tool. We need to look our for ourselves and our planet.


Before, 2 mini chembusters, a few pyramids and 10 minutes later, all clear!

Before, 2 mini chembusters, a few pyramids and 10 minutes later, all clear!

Kelly Brinn