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Evidence That Scalar Energy Mitigates EMF

I knew that scalar energy was a powerful and effective way to mitigate EMF in the home ever since I purchased my first pieces of orgone generators to try out, and I immediately went from tossing and turning with insomnia (from wifi) to sleeping like a baby. Several people whom I have turned on to this technology have had the same experience. A friend I gifted a single tower buster to, said that one piece had made a dramatic improvement in her sleep. Improved sleep and enhanced meditation is what can come from mitigating the dirty EMF emitted from your cell phone and wireless rounter. Many people don’t realize how harmful this technology actually is to our cellular system.

While we can feel the symptoms of excessive EMF exposure, what is actually happening is quite concerning. These signals adversely affect our cells’ ability to send and receive, they become overloaded and scrambled. This can also damage DNA and many think it can cause cancer as well. Here is a thorough article explaining how EMF exposure can harm human health:


Here is an article from mainstream news source NBC News which states that 2G and 3G cell phone radiation “may” cause cancer in rats. Mind you we currently have 4G in widespread use with plans to roll out 5G later this year.


This NBC news article, while admitting that cell phone radiation “may” cause cancer in lab rats, states that “The findings do not apply to people, they said. “ Here is why that statement is bogus:


Working with orgone energy gave me some relief in my own life in my own life. I did not realize just how much wifi was harming my health and well-being. I now seek to help other people. We are all suffering from this, under the guise of “faster internet” and keeping up with technology, but what is the cost to our health?

When I give people reiki to heal them, the only proof I have that it is working, besides feeling the energy of course, is them telling me after how much better they feel. I get the same reports from people who use the orgone devices, but luckily there are more tangible ways to test the results, such as having my rainwater tested and showing significantly less fallen metals: https://www.wuwuwoman.com/blog/2018/4/25/evidence-that-scalar-energy-repels-geoengineering-pollution

As well as showing visual results of cleared pollution and an increase in plant growth. https://www.wuwuwoman.com/blog/2018/5/8/gifting-scalar-energy-clearing-chemtrails-visual-results

I like to test and see the results for myself before I report on what this technology can do. I have an EMF tester which is fun to play with. Please see the photos below of my computer router with and without orgone energy nearby. The reading with no orgone was 32.9 uT, and the reading with orgone was 5.31 uT. That is quite a drop in EMF output. To put into perspective just how high 32.9 uT is, let’s refer to this quote from this article by Fox News. “In 2002, the International Agency for Research on Cancer classified extremely low frequency magnetic fields (ELF-EMF) as possibly carcinogenic to humans. The classification was based on studies that showed a two-fold increase in childhood leukemia among children with exposure to high levels of magnetic fields in the home (above 0.3 to 0.4 µT).” Here is the article for reference: https://www.foxnews.com/health/can-living-near-power-lines-cause-cancer Well, the reading from my router came up much higher than that.

While it seems as though some countries in Europe have set forth regulations on EMF output, what about in the states? I have seen cell towers near playgrounds and schools, and find it disconcerting to see. The USA has no federal legal limits for exposure to 60 Hz magnetic fields.

“A few US states limit exposure living near power lines to 150 mG or 200 mG (15 or 20 uT): www.emfs.info/Related+Issues/limits/USA/   Standards from ANSI-IEEE and WHO-ICNIRP allow even higher exposure.” according to this report which cites several studies:


Wow, well without the scalar energy nearby, my router was blasting 32.9 uT, way above the maximum recommended limit of 20 uT. I do not even trust that 20 is a safe number. How do we know the safety testing is not biased to benefit the wireless corporations?


The point of this article is not to scare you, but to empower you. After awareness is created, problem-solving can begin. We now have technology that can protect us in our homes and offices, to minimize the harmful effects of the dead energy coming off of our internet and phone devices. I recommend that people start off with an orgone piece by their computer router, one by where they sleep, and definitely one on your desk if you work in an office, to ease the effects of constant wifi blast. This does not need to be expensive, small pieces can be very effective, as long as it is a quality piece with the correct proportion of ingredients. It is also a good idea to limit cell phone use as much as possible, get outdoors, and have a daily self-care practice, whether it be meditation, a salt bath, a walk, whatever helps you to unwind from electronic overload.

If you are not yet aware of the dangers of 5G, you can read more here:


If you would like to use your voice to stop this assault on humanity, you can contact your local reps by following the link below. We need to make some noise on this issue. If change is to come we must demand it.



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