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Negative Ions In Orgone Energy Are A Positive

When I first tried having orgone energy devices in my home, (same thing as scalar energy, the terms are interchangeable) to see if they would live up to the hype of what I had heard they could do, I was blown away by the instant difference in my sleep. I went from feeling anxious, tired, and having constant insomnia, to lying down early and sleeping eight hours through the night, and feeling more clear-headed. From that point on I was hooked, as I had seen many doctors and tried everything to help me sleep. Nothing had worked. I now know that wifi was causing my anxiety and insomnia. When I learned through my own experimentation of all the other neat things that this energy can do, I made it my mission to learn as much as possible about how this works. I want to make the most effective devices and help people who are suffering from EMF poisoning, and we are all suffering from that these days. The conditions we live in with wifi, cell phones, we are constantly irradiated and need relief.

One major factor of the relief and sense of calm that orgone energy can help us achieve is the negative ions it emits. This likely occurs as a result of the Casamir Effect, caused by the metals cast in the resin. https://physicsworld.com/a/casimir-effect-goes-negative/ Ions are molecules which have either gained or lost an electrical charge. You find the highest concentration of positive ions in environments where there is a lot of geopathic stress, such as offices, schools, airports, etc. (Positive ions are not actually so positive for your health) You find the highest concentration of negative ions near waterfalls, at the beach, in nature, in places with flowing water. We feel happier and more relaxed in nature, and that can be attributed in part to the negative ions.

Negative Ions Can Help Relieve Depression

This study from Columbia University shows that exposure to an abundance of negative ions can relieve depression symptoms as much as antidepressants. https://www.biopsychiatry.com/sadion.htm Depression is a complex disease with many causes; life conditions, stress due to finances or family issues, unhealed trauma, etc, etc, we all have our stuff. That being said, living in an electronic smog which can result in anxiety, insomnia, heachaches, and a whole quagmire of symptoms is not helping anyone. Negative ions also increase oxygen flow to the brain. I know a few people who could use that, don’t you? ;)

All jokes aside, having an abundance of negative ions in your home and work environment can only help to lift your mood. I’m not saying to stop seeing your therapist, they serve an important purpose, but many people are trying to avoid harmful medications and take a more holistic approach to health. (while I am generally opposed to psychotropic drugs, in extreme cases they may be needed, consult an ethical healthcare provider on that one) I believe that a great approach to treating depression involves talking to someone if you need to, avoiding stress, toxic people, self-care, self-love, facing trauma, energy healing, clean eating, getting out in nature, exercise, and living in an environment full of negative ions. I have definitely felt the difference myself and will never go back to being fried with EMF and suffering in silence. Here is more info regarding negative ions as a depression treatment:



Negative Ions Can Increase Plant Growth

Negative ions are also related to the reason why we see increased plant growth where we place scalar energy devices. Studies have shown in increase in plant growth when exposed to negative vs. positive ions. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2195229/pdf/879.pdf I have noticed from my own experience that wherever orgone goes, plant life thrives. You can find many instances on the internet of plant growth being significantly increased while being exposed to scalar energy with photos to compare. Here is a link to another study: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2FBF02189659

Negative Ions Can Make It Rain

I live in California where we have had some issues with drought. I believe the drought has been caused by geoengineering. (refer in particular to the “ridiculously resilient ridge”)


This post isn’t really about geoengineering or why they are doing it. There are unfortunately many people in the world who have their own selfish agendas and don’t have what’s best for the planet in their heart. The good news is that negative ions, such as the ones generated with orgone energy, can help to reverse the damage they are causing. Most people who work with orgone energy devices have seen a change in weather patterns after deploying a large amount of devices and report an increase in rain or snow. I have noticed more rain where I live after I started making and gifting devices, and can clear the muck over my house after cloud seeding by using my scalar energy pyramids. My own experiment even showed a remarkable difference in the amount of fallen geoengineering chemicals in my rainwater sample compared to my friend who lives several miles away but experiences the same spraying.


Wilhelm Reich, the man who discovered orgone energy, (created by the layering of organic and inorganic material) used to manipulate weather patterns using his cloudbuster. His machine could be dangerous, as it would accumulate what is referred to as DOR, (dead orgone energy, positively charged perhaps?) and could be harmful if touched. The modern version of these machines, commonly referred to as a chembuster, do not have that issue. Modern orgone devices made using resin, metal shavings and crystals are also completely safe; no negative effects have ever been reported in their use. The Casamir Effect filters the bad energy out, and the crystals amplify the positive energy and add their own healing benefits. You can read more about ionization to affect the weather here:


You can read more about Wilhelm Reich and his work here:



Sadly, Wilhelm Reich died in prison. The FDA had him locked up for refusing to stop using his orgone generator boxes which he used to heal people. If these boxes were not a threat to their profits, would they care? They had also burned all of his research, luckily we still had the German translations. The word on the street is that his work has been reverse engineered for nefarious purposes. But we can use it for what he intended it for; for good.


It turns out that negative ions aren’t so negative after all, in fact having them around can have many benefits. Wifi, computers, cell phones , and the positive ions they emit have been shown to be detrimental to health.


Using orgone energy is an inexpensive and effective way to protect ourselves from harmful frequencies, pollution, and get oxygen to the brain. We can’t always get out to the beach or the park, so having scalar energy in our home and work environment can help to get those negative ions flowing. There is a comeback for you the next time someone tells you not to be so negative. If you would like to take action against 5G and geoengineering in your local area, you can do so here: https://zero5g.com/take-action-usa/


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