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How To Protect Yourself Against Dirty EMF

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One of my earliest memories is being on a plane with my family. We were going on a family vacation, and I remember my mother being perturbed because there was a woman smoking cigarettes just a few rows behind us. Yes, in the early 1980’s, it was fully legal to smoke cigarettes on an airplane. In fact it was acceptable to smoke cigarettes in many public spaces where it is now banned. There are many things that we used to think were safe and normal, which have been since proven to actually be a health hazard and to be avoided. Why did it take so long for cigarettes to be banned from planes and public spaces? It has been proven that the tobacco companies were covering up the danger of their products for many years so as not to decrease their profits. Is it not possible that the wireless companies are also minimizing the danger of their products, in order to keep their profits high and stay on top of the latest, fastest technology? How many people will be harmed until we can acknowledge that wireless and cell phone technology are disruptive to human health? While many people still seem to be in the dark about the fact that this technology is unsafe, others are waking up, and desperate to know what they can do to protect themselves and their children.

This post is going to center around using orgone/scalar energy to help mitigate the effects of harmful EMF, since it is the only thing I have found to be effective, and it is what I specialize in. But I will give other practical tips that will leave you feeling empowered, rather than helpless and afraid. My first tip is:


I can’t believe how many friends and people I have talked to tell me that they do this. This is my reaction when people tell me that this is their habit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A1IrRxoRkbQ

Your phone and router are probably the most dangerous items in your home (as well as your microwave, I don’t use one anymore). The levels of dirty EMF they emit are not safe in any exposure, especially not blasted for long periods of time while your body is trying to rejuvenate itself through sleep. If you can sleep that is, since it’s known (to me personally) that wifi can cause insomnia, anxiety, depression, and a whole plethora of side effects. (It is also thought to cause C A N C E R) Here is more information about the negative health effects of wireless technology which also has some great tips for protection:


Back to your cell phone and router, please keep them as far as possible from where you sleep. Since we have ample evidence that scalar energy generators can mitigate the harmful effects of EMF, it is a good idea to keep an orgone device near where you sleep, one near your computer router, as well as a device attached to your phone if possible. The metal shavings cast in resin in orgone devices have a filtration effect on the dirty energy emitted by electronics. The crystals amplify the positive energy and create a piezoelectric effect. Different types of crystals can also add their own healing properties. Orgone devices emit negative ions, which mimic the negative ions you receive from being out in nature, etc. You can add as many devices as you wish around your home and property to create more benefit; at the very least I recommend covering the area where you sleep and any places of high EMF output. If you have a smart meter, definitely place a tower buster near it. (and use your voice to complain and ask for it to be removed) I have heard of the smart meter covers, I do not know if they work as I have never tried them. Scalar energy does the trick and has many uses. I also keep tower busters outside to increase plant growth and repel pollution from geoengineering. If possible, it is best to shut off your wifi at night.

You can read more about how orgone works and negative ions here:




I see people all the time with their little kids holding and playing with their cell phones. I suppose many are not aware of the dangers yet. Not to mention the Apple watches and Fitbits that have been everywhere recently. That is like wearing a computer on your wrist, with that EMF pulsing through you constantly. Yes, orgone energy can protect you and lessen the effects of this energy, but it is best to avoid wifi whenever possible. The health effects are way too detrimental, for all of us, especially for developing children.

Many people assume that these products must be safe if they were released for widespread use, but that could not be further from the truth. The method that is used for safety testing is laughable; they don’t even test on humans. They use “SAR” measurement. They hold the phone up to a dummy head to see if the fluid inside heats up. That’s it. All the screams of warning from doctors and scientists from across the planet, and these products which are used for extended periods by everyone of all ages, get tested by being held up to a dummy heat to check for heating. I don’t know about you, but that does not make me feel safe.

Read about SAR here: http://www.compliance-club.com/archive/old_archive/031124.htm?fbclid=IwAR3KcKeMFdJh7dDRCNX97dS0pq7Iq2zG3jStj9KsEXwG8Dz_SMCQHN80t3k

Read more about the risks of EMF according to a Harvard pediatric neurologist and neuroscientist here:



New technology comes out and people forget that there is another way that is much safer, you don’t have to use your wifi, you can simply…plug it back in. Unless wifi is absolutely necessary, (it’s not) you can use internet on a wired connection. Wifi signals are everywhere and it’s hard to control them, but at least you can control the connection in your own home.

You can even wire up your wireless devices, learn more here:



Many people do not know you can do this, but you can. (In most cases anyway, I have now read that the law was changed in 2015 to be more Draconian and violating of freedoms by eliminating the right to opt out for those deemed a “security risk”) I do not care what they tell us, those scanners are not safe. I can feel energy, I can feel that machines from several yards away, and what I feel is not good. After getting sick for days after going through the body scanner, feeling weak, nautious and tired, I now opt out every time I fly, and my health has been much better for it.

When you approach the security checkpoint, simply tell the TSA agent that you opt out of the body scanner. They will ask you to step aside and wait for an agent to assist you. Ironically, it seems as though they try to get you to stand right next to the machines you are avoiding. I scoot as far away as I can, no thank you! The TSA agent will pull you aside for a pat down, but it’s really not that unpleasant compared to cancer. I take the opportunity to talk to the agent giving me the pat down about EMF protection and orgone energy, as most of them know they are being poisoned and are concerned for their own health. Anyone who works at the airport or flies often is in danger of EMF overload, which of course can lead to serious health problems. I hope they find their way to my site and discover that scalar energy is a tool they can use to lessen the effects they are having from earning their paycheck.

For people who travel often especially, this exposure is cumulative. It would be a good idea to opt out and carry orgone with you. When I travel, I bring a couple of small pyramids or tower busters in my suitcase for the hotel room, so that I can ensure a good night’s sleep, as hotels also really blast their wifi. Another tip, I carry a cleansing essensce, such as a sage spray or Crystal Clear when I travel, to clear dirty energy from my aura and from the hotel room after I check in. That is a good practice for the energetically sensitive. The orgone energy mini tower busters are small yet powerful and can be carried in your pocket or bag wherever you go.

Read more about TSA body scanners and evidence of their potential danger here:




I have been touching on this throughout, since I make orgone generators. Before I learned about this technology and what it can do, I was suffering with issues that I was unable to diagnose just like everybody else, most notably insomnia and lack of sleep. Since having scalar energy around me at all times now, I sleep like a baby and my home is a negative ion paradise.

It is pretty easy and inexpensive to use orgone energy to protect your home. The type of piece you use is personal to you, people should purchase what speaks to them. A larger piece will emit a larger scalar field, but the small pieces are very effective as long as it is a quality piece made by someone who understands all the functioning parts and uses the correct proportion of ingredients. If you see a pyramid that says it is “orgone” or “orgonite” but barely has any metal in it, it might not be the best choice. The metal is what creates the filtration system, so a good amount is optimal. 30-50% metal by volume is what you are shooting for, the more the better.

Place a piece by your router, by your bed, and other heavy sources of electronic output. It is a good idea to put a pyramid on your desk at work, and tower busters, especially the mini ones, are great for on the go. The more tests I perform and the more positive feedback I get, I know this technology can save so many people who are suffering with the symptoms of EMF overload.

You can purchase orgone generators here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/WuwuWoman?ref=search_shop_redirect

Some people who make orgone think that making and dispersing this technology is enough of a F U to the people who are doing this, and that is all that needs to be done. I see it as a protection tool, but ultimately, I want everybody to be safe, not just people who know about orgone. We should not be subjected to anything toxic and harmful against our will. Between geoengineering, gmo’s, chemicals in food and water, and now in recent years, invisible signals from cell phones and towers making us ill, we are on overload. It is time to take a stand and use our voices before it is too late, which lead me to…


It is already proven that what we have had in widespread use for the past several years, 4G wireless technology, is extremely detrimental to health. Now they want to roll out 5G. Elon Musk wants to blast it as us from space. It is absolutely insane to me that these billionaires and corporations get to implement any potentially disastrous idea that catches their whim at any given moment and the rest of the billions of the population just have to sit and take it. I don’t think so, let’s make some noise. There is actually legislation being considered in several states that addresses the concerns of both 5G wireless and geoengineering. Contact your reps and tell them that you support a ban on 5G. Tell everybody you know to do the same. From what I hear about 5G, we do not want this.

If you have not read up on 5G you can start here: https://ehtrust.org/wp-content/uploads/Scientist-5G-appeal-2017.pdf

Send a letter to your local representative and let them know that you oppose 5G here:


Absolutely not on this:



We are all just doing our best living in the circumstances we are. Reducing your exposure to harmful EMF is one health practice that can benefit you and your family both physically and mentally. Doing your best to drink clean, healthy water, green juices, organic foods, and green vegetables, are not only good health practices, but can help you to detox from all the toxins in our environment. Turn off fear news, and instead do something that relaxes you, like take a salt bath or get out for a walk in nature. Have your kids go outside to play or read a book instead of holding an electronic device. Take 10-20 minutes to meditate. (there are great guided meditations on youtube for those who find this difficult) Self care is an important practice to recover not only from EMF overload, but also from the stress of living. Quality of life without all the harmful frequencies scrambling your cells and harming your DNA is so much better. We can protect ourselves, feel better, and feel empowered with a few simple practices.


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