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How To Make An Orgone Energy Chembuster To Combat Geoengineering Pollution

I had been wanting to make a chembuster for a really long time, and for one reason or another, the project kept being procrastinated. Finally, for my birthday this year, all I wanted was to finally make a chembuster. I already had an extensive collection of tower busters in my yard, which my water test last year showed can reduce the amount of fallen metals from cloud seeding, but I was ready to up the ante. Now that I have finally had the experience, now I am going to tell you how you can make your own powerful chembuster.


A chembuster is the modern-day version of the cloudbuster invented by Wilhelm Reich, the man who discovered orgone energy, and worked with it back in the 1930’s through his death in prison in 1957. He was thrown in prison by the FDA, who did not like his work with orgone energy. They claimed that this energy did not exist, yet they went to great lengths to silence this man and keep his work from getting out. His technology was healing people from disease, as well as the natural environment. He was a threat to the status quo.

The original cloudbuster was able to affect weather patterns, bringing rainfall to desert and areas with drought. Using pipes aimed at the sky which were connected to water, as water is a carrier of energy, it would collect what Reich called DOR, or deadly orgone energy. We can liken this to the frequencies emitted by cell towers and wifi, as these energies are harmful the energy fields of humans and plant life. The issue with the original cloudbuster, however, was that it would collect this dead energy, making the cloudbuster unsafe to operate. Being touched by someone who did not know how to operate it could cause harm. You can read more about Wilhelm Reich and his cloudbuster here:



In the 1990’s, Karl Welz invented what he calls “orgonite”, which involves casting metal shavings and quartz crystal in resin. The metal shavings or powder compressed in resin, creates what is called the casamir effect. This actually pulls in the dead energy and filters it, with the crystal or crystals creating added benefit and amplifying the positive orgone energy these devices create. With the filtration effect this method creates, these devices have only been experienced as completely safe to use. If you want to read more about the casamir effect, you can do so here:


The late Don Croft combined both of these ideas to create the modern-day chembuster, utilizing both copper pipes and metal shavings cast in resin with crystals to create a powerful version of the cloudbuster, that filters rather than collects the dead energy, and is completely safe to use. People who have heavily gifted areas affected by drought with tower busters and chembusters placed about have reported a dramatic increase in rainfall. Of course the elephant in the room is man-made pollution from geoengineering, which can cause drought and fires.


Until we can make this assault on our natural resources and our planet’s health illegal, our best defense is to heavily gift our homes and surrounding areas with orgone energy. If you are up for a fun project, I am going to take you though how I built my chembuster. Depending on what deals you are able to find , be prepared to spend about $200-$300 on materials. If you are not up for this project but still want to protect your home, don’t worry about it. Gridding your yard with tower busters alone is great protection and economical. You can purchase those here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/WuwuWoman?ref=search_shop_redirect For the people who are ready to go for the chembuster, let’s get started.


One large 2+ gallon bucket

A spacer for the pipes. Some people use two, letting one fall into the resin, and keeping one at the top, as the finished piece will need it in place to hold the pipes steady. I only used one. The 6 pipes need to be stabilized in a circle, this piece of plastic or wood holds them in place. If you are a carpenter, you might want to drill the holes in a piece of wood and make this piece yourself. The thought of that did not resonate with me (lol) so I was gleeful to find out that Orgonise Africa actually makes and sells this piece. That made my life easier. Here is a link if you would like to purchase one, check that the size of the holes are compatible with your copper pipes. https://www.orgoniseafrica.com/cloud-buster-disc

2 gallons of resin. I use polyester but epoxy and fiberglass are also acceptable. This piece doesn’t have to be “pretty” unless you want it to be, so type of resin is up to you.

Catalyst compatible with the resin you chose. (For newbies, this is what causes the resin to harden)

Large hard plastic mixing container with appropriate fill line marked

Large popsicle sticks for mixing the resin

Ample amount of metal shavings, enough to fill the bucket. Different types are great to use together, in fact mixing the metals can have a great play on the energy. Most orgone energy workers us aluminum, steel, brass and copper. You can find this on Ebay.

6 copper pipes 2 feet long by 1” in width. My pipes are only 3/4” wide because I got the first ones I bought on sale at a hardware store that was going out of business. I went in there and started grabbing copper pipes like ‘Supermarket Sweep’, and I think my 3/4” ones are great, but 1” is more standard, so go bigger if you can.

6 copper pipes 5+ feel long by 1” wide, or whatever width you ended up purchasing, as they must fit together. Some people are very ambitious and cut their own pipes to whatever size they want. I am not that adventurous, (ha) I just bought mine at the hardware store already cut to the desired length. That is a personal choice. If you like sawing pipes, feel free to knock yourself out and do it that way.

6 copper pipe connectors, to attach the long pipe onto the short when your chembuster is dry.

6 copper pipe caps that match your pipe size. I admit I did not use these. I am a little bit of a rebel, and I thought it would be a good idea to let the crystal at the bottom of the pipe catch the resin and get a squeeze. But if you want to do it the traditional way, get the caps. If you are using the caps, also get a garden hose, to cut and put the crystals into. More on that later.

Protective gloves. Latex is not strong enough, get the nitrile ones.

Face mask, since it is not safe to breathe in the resin fumes.

Last but not least, crystals! The most important part is that each of the 6 copper pipes has a double-terminated quartz crystal at the bottom. But this is a big piece, and crystals can really ramp up the energies, so I recommend getting as many beneficial crystals as possible into your chembuster. While quartz is the only essential crystal, and you should use as many pieces as possible in the piece, add whatever other crystals you like for health and EMF protection. I do recommend using at least 13 if not more quartz crystals in this piece, with at least 6 of them being double-terminated. Feel free to play with the crystal formula as long as you meet the quartz requirement. I will list what I used, if you want to use that as inspiration:

13 medium sized double-terminated clear quartz crystals ( a point on each end)

1 large double terminated quartz crystal

6 pieces of tumbled hematite

6 pieces of raw shungite

6 pieces of blue kyanite

6 pieces of green fluorite

1 stick of selenite

Now that we have all of our ingredients, let’s get started on construction.

Making The Chembuster

You want to mix your resin, using a sturdy table, preferably outdoors. If you are going to do this indoors, please make sure it is a very well-ventilated area, but outdoors is highly recommended. The ideal temperature for curing the resin is about 70 degrees fahrenheit, but a little cooler or warmer should be fine too. Place your bucket and all of your materials on the table, put your gloves and mask on. It’s time to mix the resin for the first layer. I use a tarp on top of my table to catch any drips or spills. *Please be careful when handling resin, do not breathe it in or let it touch the skin. If you do get any on your skin, remove with nail polish remover and wash immediately. Just use common sense and caution as you always would when handling chemicals.

Some people like to add the metal to the bucket before the resin. I prefer to put the resin in first, then drop the metal in and use a stick to push it to the bottom. I find there are less mistakes that way, but it’s a personal choice. For each layer, I used 24 ounces of resin. For the polyester resin I used, for every 24 ounces of resin, I put in 105 drops of catalyst. Just follow the directions for whatever resin you ended up choosing to know how much catalyst to use. When adding the drops, I count out loud; this helps me so I don’t lose count. Then use your popsicle stick to stir, SLOWLY. Stirring fast will create bubbles, so take your time with it. Scrape the sides and the bottom, making sure everything is stirred. Mix for about 3 minutes. Now it is time to pour. After you are done mixing, you will want to move quickly to pour, as the resin will begin drying within a few minutes. Make sure all of your materials are handy.

Pour the resin into the bottom of the bucket. Don’t worry about the crystals yet, the first layer is only metal. Pour the entire 24 ounces, and then add as much metal as you possibly can to the mixture, pushing it down with your stick as you go. The metal shavings are what creates the filtration system, so don’t be shy with it, use a lot. For my chembuster, I used aluminum shavings and added in copper BB’s. Aluminum is the most cost-effective choice, and adding another metal or two throughout can be helpful as well.

You will want to have about 2” of just resin and metal at the bottom before adding your pipes. Adding the pipes is the tricky part, as you want them to stand up straight, all 6 of them. This is the part that I was the most nervous about. I am now experienced at making orgone, but I had never stabilized 6 pipes to stand up straight by myself. That is why on this day, I made sure that my fiance was around to lend an extra set of hands and help me out. I am not sure how other people who have made chembusters have done this, but I needed assistance on that part. If you have someone around who can help you out for this segment, it is recommended. Make sure you slide your double-terminated quartz crystal down to the bottom of each pipe. If you are using the traditional method, make sure you put a cap at the bottom of the pipe being encased in the resin, and have a piece of garden hose wrapped around the crystal, secured by glue.

To his credit, my fiance also came up with a great idea to assist us in holding all of the pipes straight and upright while the resin dried them into place. He said, “how about we take some string, like sewing thread, and string all of the pipes together to help hold them up?” I admit that I initially scoffed at this idea and thought it was a bit cockamamie, but it ended up working out great. (see pics for reference below)

While the first layer was drying we put the 2’ long pipes in, with the plastic stabilizer at the top. I did not want the spacer disc to fall in the resin, so I used a curtain rod at the top of the bucket to keep that from happening. We got the pipes straight and steady, then he used a large spool of thread, wrapping it 3 times around each pipe and onto the next, to keep them connected to each other in the proper spacing. When all the pipes were tied tightly with the thread, he attached the remaining thread to a nearby banister. Then he held the pipes steady while I poured the resin and added the metal, carefully. Once that was done, we both held the pipes upright for several minutes, until the resin was dry enough that the pipes were stabilized. That is probably the most stressful part. Once that is over, the rest of it is smooth sailing.

From there, keep doing layers of resin, metal, and crystals until you either use your entire 2 gallons of resin, or reach close to the top of the bucket, whatever comes first. Once the pipes were stabilized, I created a layer of resin, metal and hematite. The next layer I did the same mix with shungite. I used the grounding crystals at the bottom, and for the center layer I put a large piece of copper wire-wrapped quartz in the center, with 6 smaller copper wire-wrapped pieces of quartz placed around in a circle. Then you keep adding metal until there is no more space in the resin. Above the quartz layer, I did a layer of resin, metal and green fluorite, the layer above that was blue kyanite, and at the top layer I put a stick of selenite. Just to be fancy and amp up the energies, I put a sacred geometry pendant at the center of the top layer, kind of like adding a star to the top of the Christmas tree.

The crystals, with the exception of quartz, are a personal choice. I chose the crystals I did because hematite is cleansing and grounding, shungite is great for EMF protection, green fluorite is great for the aura and EMF protection, blue kyanite and selenite and high-vibe and cleansing, and quartz is the master of stones, it does it all, particularly amplify.

You should let the resin dry for several hours. I left it overnight, keeping the spacer on the pipes. The spacer should remain there. Once everything was dry, I added the pipe connectors, and then the longer, 5 foot pipes at the top. Now it was complete, I was so proud! I love my chembuster. Since I have had it in my yard, I have noticed more fluffy clouds, and we had a couple of days of rain here in LA. They spray heavily here, the polluters have definitely been out, but the trails break up and move away much faster than before. It would be great to have a network of people making these nationwide, the more the merrier. We have a right to protect ourselves against the onslaught of toxins and pollution we face on a daily basis, and orgone energy is a safe and effective way to do just that.

If you would like to refer to other instructions on building a chembuster as well, I recommend looking at the instructions written by the Orgone Donor. I found them to be helpful, I simply modified the formula to make it my own. I will link those instructions here if you would like to use it as a reference also: https://www.theorgonedonor.com/blog/instructions-for-the-almighty-chembuster As long as you meet the basic requirements, you can make your chembuster as you see fit, and make it your own version. Part of the fun of creating something is adding a little of your own flare and have fun with it. As long as it it functional, go with your gut on what crystals or metals sound right to you.

if anyone reading this actually makes a chembuster, please reach out to me on social media. I would love to see pics and read how it went. Please do this at your own risk, these instructions are merely informational. If you live in the Los Angeles area and would like for me to build you a chembuster, it is custom only, please send me a message for a quote. If you are crafty and have the time to do it, save some money and do it yourself.

As always, I encourage people to use their voice to tell their local reps that they oppose geoengineering and the harm it causes. You can do that here: https://zerogeoengineering.com/take-action-usa/ I hope you stay safe and protected, happy chembusting! :)