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Geoengineered Global Warming? What Is Really Going On & How We Can Save The Earth Safely

One of the things I love about working with orgone energy, is that not only is this energy beneficial to people, by providing a low-cost and efficient energy filtration system to our homes, but is also has great benefit for nature, and the planet we all love so much. With humans putting so much wear and tear on the planet, (the fossil fuel industry, pesticide use, plastics in the sea, emissions including but not limited to geoengineering) the environment has been an important topic to us all. (minus the bigwigs at the corporations and government who rake in cash at the detriment of our home planet) Politicians talk out of one side of their mouth about “climate change” and how we need to act fast, while taking money from the very corporations who are doing the worst damage. The news is filled with fear articles about how we only have a decade or so left to reverse “climate change”, yet it seems the things that really need to be done are swept under the rug, while reckless solutions, pioneered by billionaires with possible nefarious agendas get implemented immediately. Evidence also indicates that the very rising temps which are decried by so many, are actually caused by the planes flying over our cities and towns daily, spraying a cocktail of toxic chemicals, such as aluminum, barium, strontium, and silver iodide. Let’s take a closer look.

Weather Observations In Los Angeles

I live in Los Angeles. We have a lot of everything here. A lot of car traffic. A lot of helicopters. A lot of plane traffic. We also have a lot of cloud seeding operations. They spray often and they spray low. How do I know? I see them do it, I observe the clouds and weather, and have gotten local rainwater tested in a lab. (there is also evidence that orgone energy repels this pollution, read about my rainwater test results here https://www.wuwuwoman.com/blog/2018/4/25/evidence-that-scalar-energy-repels-geoengineering-pollution )

While the mainstream media outlets may act as if cloud seeding is a new thing they are trying as a means to stop global warming, according the them by reflecting the sun so it does not hit the Earth to warm it, there are actually patents for weather modification and cloud seeding going back to the 1950’s and before. I have definitely seen these operations going solid for at least the last decade or so. https://zerogeoengineering.com/patents/page/5/

No, I don’t really trust Bill Gates, a guy who says that we need to reduce the population of the planet, and then tries to sell you vaccines in the same breath.



Here is what the smart scientists have to say about how geoengineering can actually harm our planet greatly, by depriving plants, (and us) of needed sunlight.


Now you can do an internet search about whether or not planetary temperatures are actually warming, and get both answers. What is the truth? Of course we must protect our resources, our planet, but are temperatures really rising? Is too much carbon dioxide the problem? Or is this all part of an agenda? In this article, I am going to focus on my own observations locally, but there are over 31,000 scientists who have signed this petition. http://www.petitionproject.org/index.php Of course trees need carbon dioxide to live, but are the emissions coming from our cars to blame? If so, why are technologies that would make the fossil fuel industry obsolete suppressed? ($$$$$) They can’t suppress new technologies forever. This Dutch company just released a fully solar powered car. https://futurism.com/fully-solar-powered-car-hitting-road-2019 But back to the weather. We have so much spraying here, but at the times when we don’t, we have a snapshot as to what the natural weather patterns actually would be.

So what is going on with the temperatures? Are they really rising? If so, why? The elephant in the room of most climate discussions is geoengineering. The public has been so propagandized to be afraid of talking about the planes going overhead spraying chemicals every day, that they will ignore or even outright deny that it is happening, even after presented with irrefutable evidence. So the issue is often ignored. But I am not afraid to talk about it. We have to bring something out into the open, and have a lot of people reject it loudly, in order to enact change. The planet we live on is far too important.

In June in Los Angeles, we had a nice long break without cloud seeding. For about three weeks or so, we had “June Gloom”, thick cloud cover in the morning, beautiful, fluffy natural clouds throughout the day, and pleasant temps topping out in the low 70’s. On days with natural weather, the city becomes more beautiful. The people become more pleasant, everyone seems happier and in a good mood. I was able to breathe on my jogs. I do notice on days with heavy spraying, people seem more agitated, I hear more people honking at each other in traffic, the air is tense. I treasure those days when the air is clean and people are happy.

We had the earthquakes in Los Angeles on July 4th and 5th. There was a whole lot of shaking going on those days. There were all kinds of rumors online about the actual cause of the earthquakes. Many were saying that the “rods of god” had taken out a military geoengineering facility at China Lake. People who are working on ascension have a more spiritual take on what caused the quakes, saying that crystalline corridors were opening to release energy codes to assist in the quantum leap humanity is currently in the midst of. While I am open to all of this, I am only going to focus on my observations with the weather.

After the 6th of July, 2019, we had a break in spraying. We had natural clouds again for about two weeks. The temps dropped. We had summer temps in the low 80’s, but it was pleasant and bearable. Everyone was hoping that the geoengineering facilities really had been taken out and that we wouldn’t have to worry about the spraying anymore, myself included.

Unfortunately, the spraying started again around July 23rd, and guess what else happened? The temps rose back up into the 90’s. Of course, it is summer, hot temps are to be expected. But when the roasting hot temperatures of 90+ only happen on days when ample spraying has occurred, common sense says that there is probably a connection there. Are the searing hot temps that the fear news keeps talking about, actually caused by the cloud seeding operations which claim to reverse global warming? I can’t say for certain, but it sure looks that way.

Here is a list of what the temperatures were in Los Angeles in June and July 2019. According to my observations, the days with the hottest temps also had excessive cloud seeding operations happening in the sky. The days with mild temperatures had little to no spraying.



If you would like to see a few short video logs I did during this time to record what was going on with the cloud and weather patterns, I have posted them below at the end of the article.

It is also quite obvious that the drought in California was caused by geoengineering. Thanks to orgone energy and the rumored take-out of weather-controlling satellites, the drought is now broken, but here is evidence that the drought we had a few years back was man-made.



Now why would they create a drought on purpose? There are likely a multitude of agendas at play. People with the power and money to do so could be trying to control the food supply, for various reasons. There is speculation that they are warming temperatures on purpose via nefarious means such as cloud seeding, the purpose being to then blame us, for driving our cars, and tax us to make money, via a carbon tax or fuel tax. The Yellow Vest movement in France being spawned by a diesel tax gives credence to this theory.


The real question is, why do we let it continue? What can we do to protect our resources, our planet? The purpose of this piece is not to make you afraid. There is enough of that in corporate news. Divide people up and put them in fear is how you control them. We need to unite, and come up with solutions together that will protect our resources, and heal our planet. This is about taking our power, and our planet back. Let’s explore some ideas of what we can do to improve the health of Gaia, and ourselves, since we need a healthy planet for our own sustenance.

Demand Legislation To Ban Geoengineering & 5G

There actually is legislation being considered in several states, which not only deals with geoengineering, banning it and allowing natural weather patterns to occur, it also would ban 5G. 5G, or 5th generation wireless, is a weapon which is used for crowd control, and they want to blast it into every home and public space??


Firefighters reported brain damage when 5G towers were placed near their station.


Sprint placed a cell tower on a school campus, and four children got cancer.


There have also been reports of 5G towers harming wildlife, such as birds and bees. The faster movie downloads just don’t seem worth it.


Now let’s count the ways in which geoengineering is harmful and not helpful. Common sense says that it is not a good idea to breathe, drink, or ingest toxic metals, yet that is what happens when these micro particles of toxic metals are sprayed into the air; they go into the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the soil that grows the food we eat. Excessive aluminum in our system can lead to disease such as alzheimers. https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2014/03/22/aluminum-toxicity-alzheimers.aspx

It can be difficult to get our politicians to do what we want them to do when they are owned and controlled by the corporations who are forcing these dangerous technologies on the public with little to no oversight. Please contact your local reps, and tell them that you support a ban on harmful emissions such as cloud seeding and also 5G. I will drop links below to petitions you can sign, and phone calls are also a great way to get the message across.



Demand A Ban On Pesticides & Vote With Your Dollar

Most of you are probably aware by now of Monsanto, now Bayer thanks to the merger, creating genetically modified frankenfood that is coated in cancer-causing glyphosate. Some people don’t know, I see them in the grocery store, buying cereal for their kids laden with pesticides. It can be difficult to avoid if you are not informed. Despite many countries outright banning GMOs due to their danger, here in America, efforts to require that GMO foods to even be labeled have been shot down, due to the revolving door of these huge corporations and the government agencies that are supposed to regulate them.


The doors have been legally opened for people to sue these biotech companies for the cancer they have caused, and lawsuits against them are being won left and right. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/jury-awards-couple-2billion-monsanto-roundup-weed-killer-cancer-lawsuit-trial-today-2019-05-13/ If we can’t get these pesticide companies banned like in other countries, perhaps we can just sue and boycott them out of business. These companies could not stay in business if people weren’t buying their products, and the more public awareness increases, the sales of their frankenfood have decreased. Buy organic and non-gmo foods as often as possible. (many non-gmo food companies do label because they know that is what consumers want) Organic food can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Look for shopping tricks and deals. Buy from bulk bins. Grow your own food if you are able to. Any chance you get, demand that your reps support a ban on harmful pesticides. Avoiding glyphosate now can save on costly doctor visits down the road.

Why Don’t We Have Vertical Farms In Cities?

I read about this several years ago and thought it was a brilliant idea then. Instead of solely utilizing traditional farming methods, why aren’t more cities exploring ways to grow food without soil or pesticides in an urban environment? I have heard of this being done in Japan, but America seems slow to catch on. Why is that? Has the idea been suppressed because it would eliminate a need for pesticides, icing the biotech corporations out of the equation? Perhaps the funding is not there for entrepreneurs willing to run these vertical farms? Whatever the reason is, it is something we should be talking about. Growing food this way could free up land for the wildlife who need it, more trees could be planted and habitat created for them. Here is an article on some innovative vertical farming methods if you would like to read more:


Ban Fracking

Obviously. Fracking destroys waterways and causes earthquakes. Please, stop, yesterday. Mini wiconi!!


Eliminate Single-Use Plastics & Clean The Oceans

The guy who invented plastic meant well. The road to hell can be paved in good intentions, but when every single piece of packaging in the world is made of this non-biodegradable substance, it becomes a problem. The oceans are now clogged, and it’s having a devastating effect on sea life. This is where we really need to innovate. Luckily, there are people inventing materials that function like plastic, but made of materials which are non-toxic and will decompose. We need to demand that these new materials be implemented for widespread use. https://www.innovationexcellence.com/blog/2018/07/02/13-plastic-packaging-alternatives/

There are also people working to find new ways to clean the oceans. If you live in a coastal community and feel called to do this kind of work, it is much needed. Here is a company started by some surfers that is working to clean the oceans. With more like them, it can have a huge impact.


The plastic bag ban in Los Angeles is a joke. They still hand out plastic bags at stores that are a thicker plastic, thus they are “reusable”, but banning plastic bags only to replace them with thicker plastic bags doesn’t really make sense. A ban is a ban, or so I thought.

Plant Trees Everywhere

Trees are the lifeblood of the planet. That carbon dioxide that is such a worry? The trees need it to survive, and in return, they will give us fresh oxygen. I recently read an amazing story about a couple in Brazil, who completely revived what looked like a destroyed rainforest by planting millions of trees. It now looks just like it did before the deforestation and all of the animals have returned. You can read about that here:


Kudos to India for recently planting 50 MILLION TREES in one day. Good job!


Use Innovation & Clean Nuclear Radiation

War is one of the most devastating things to the planet. Not only do people needlessly die in wars that were created for profit and empire, but the weapons used have such a devastating effect on the environment. Nuclear power plants are themselves ticking time bombs. The public have not been made aware of the full scale of damage caused by Fukushima, and the word on the street is that all of the fish in the Pacific are unsafe to eat. Whatever the full story is on that, I think that we can all agree that we can innovate on how we are getting our power, and cleanup is definitely needed for the damage that has already been done. Here is a mycologist who says that we can clean everything from nuclear radiation and oil spills using mushrooms. It’s worth a shot, isn’t it?


Wilhelm Reich, the man who discovered orgone energy, was also performing experiments regarding the effects of nuclear radiation when exposed to orgone. While more modern tests should be performed of course, he did find evidence of some protection provided by the orgone.

Read more here, you may need to translate the page as I did: https://orgonomie.net/hdoranur.htm#experiment

Which leads me to…

Use Orgone Energy Everywhere

Orgone, or scalar energy generators, filter the soup of harmful frequencies we live in. The dirty EMF from wireless technology is not only detrimental to us, but the planet as well. With evidence that orgone energy generators can filter dirty EMF, revive waterways, increase plant growth, and repel geoengineering pollution, (see previous blog posts for this evidence) having it in our homes and gardens is our best method of protection, until we can win over the evil overlords who force these toxins on the population.

If you want to take it a step further, you can do as myself and others do and “gift” orgone energy to cell towers and waterways near your home, to protect and enhance the natural environment. I have seen amazing results from doing so, and the energy feels so much better after. Tower busters are typically reserved for gifting, get a set of those to get started, or if you are so inclined, make your own. I have instructions on my blog if you want to learn how.

Purchase orgone generators here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/WuwuWoman?ref=search_shop_redirect

Learn how to make tower busters here: https://www.wuwuwoman.com/blog/2018/6/14/how-to-make-scalar-energy-tower-busters


The moral of the story is that sure, there is some work to do, but it’s not all doom and gloom. The planet can and will be saved, and restored to her original majestic beauty. It will just take us banding together to stop the practices that harm, and start new innovative practices to repair and heal. The more we shine a light on the truth, we can assess what the real problems are to come up with the proper solutions. Technology does not have to equate with pollution, and if it does, we need better technologies. Let’s not settle for anything less. x