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Mini Chembuster Pyramid - Green Machine

This pyramid has 4 x 1/2" wide and 24" long copper pipes, with clear quartz crystals cast in each pipe at the pyramid point. In the center of the pyramid there is a large double terminated quartz crystal wrapped in a copper wire, with a layer of brass shavings, a layer of aluminum shavings, and another layer of brass shavings. At the base there is a large piece of hematite, shungite, and blue kyanite, all case in polyester resin, clear at the top and translucent green at the base. This is a powerful piece that can be used either indoors in outdoors. Please note that if you do leave it outdoors for long periods of time, prolonged sun exposure could discolor the resin and crystals. The resin portion of the pyramid is 5 1/4" wide at the base and 6" in height at corner edge.