Wuwu Woman

Solstice Sunrise Scalar Energy Pyramid

Medium-sized scalar energy pyramid is 4 1/4" wide at the base with iron, copper, a large chunk of raw copper wire-wrapped citrine, sitting atop a tumbled amethyst and a chunk of raw shungite. Cast in orange colored polyester resin at the base, going into yellow resin at the top, evoking the power of the sunrise and a new day every morning. Chakra correspondences: Solar Plexus, Sacral, Root & Third Eye, Earth Star. Citrine is a powerful stone for confidence and abundance, corresponding to the solar plexus. Amethyst is a powerful healing stone tied to the higher chakras, and Shungite corresponds to both the lower and upper chakras, known for it's powerful healing and EMF protection properties. This piece is powerful enough to provide EMF protection for your entire home. People who use scalar energy devices report better sleep, mental clarity, enhanced meditation and vivid dreams.