Wuwu Woman

EMF Protective Bubble for Cell Phones

Based on the research of Wilhelm Reich, the compression of metal and crystals in the little handmade device emits a scalar wave that can mitigate EMF from cell phones and wifi. It is 1 3/4" wide, 5/8" in height, and mounts right to the back of your phone. (it sticks very well so be careful in application) It contains iron shavings, tumbled amethyst, a powerful healing stone tied to the upper chakras, shungite, a grounding stone tied to the root chakra that is known for it's EMF fighting properties, and a copper wire-wrapped piece of blue kyanite, a powerful stone that can assist in balancing all chakras and meridians in the body, all cast in polyester resin. Protect yourself from harmful EMF with your Protective Bubble.