Wuwu Woman




Merideth, Nevada

From video above: “I have to give my friend credit. I have been sleeping with this at my bed and it’s been helpful and I’ve been sleeping better than ever, so thank you Miss Kelly! It’s to help with all the waves from your phone and everything.”

Ashley, oklahoma

“Kelly does a wonderful job with customer service and and product creation! I have been sleeping more soundly since keeping this pyramid by my bed at night. I look forward to purchasing more products in the future!”

sam, new jersey

“Hi Kelly. I love your orgone that I got from Wuwu Woman on Etsy. I got that last week. And now I ordered more yesterday. Thank you so much, such an awesome product!”

maggie, california

“Thank you Kelly! I put your pieces in our bedroom and slept really well last night.”

Nicole, California

“I got my orgone pyramids from Kelly about a month ago. I am sleeping better and meditating more deeply since then! I keep one right next to my WiFi box and one on either side of my bed. My dreams are more vivid, more frequent and easier to remember. I believe every little bit helps! Doing something to lower it my exposure to EMFs at home, makes me feel more empowered and that I can do small things to improve my quality of life”.

Celeste, Iowa

"I started using Kelly’s ziggurats in my new house this past winter & was super surprised to notice a change pretty much immediately. I believed they would help protect my family from invisible signals that infiltrate everyone’s homes, I just didn’t think I would personally feel differently. But I did! I’ve had periods of mild to very serious insomnia since I was a kid. It usually takes me over an hour to fall asleep when I’m not having insomnia. Not only did I start falling asleep quickly, but I started sleeping hard! I have one “ziggy” by the head of my bed & one downstairs next to the router. It feels like a magical protective spider web between the 2. With the sleep came vivid, shiny, detailed, often plot driven dreams. Before using the ziggurats, I was concerned that I simply couldn’t remember my dreams anymore or that I wasn’t reaching REM sleep. I never have that conversation anymore! I can’t wait to get some of the gorgeous new jewelry! I need to have those protective powers on my person all the time! Thank you, Kelly!!!

Hans, Belgium

"Love it! Thanks! The pyramids are exactly as described and good quality. The communication with Kelly was very friendly and she always responded quickly. I was also kept informed about the shipment. Thanks again."

Cindy, Pennsylvania

“Bought this lovely pyramid from Kelly. It is so beautifully colored with sea shells inside. It fits wonderfully in my ocean themed spare bedroom and gives it an added air of peace and tranquility.”

Shawn, Illinois

“Kelly practiced reiki on me at my home, in 2016. It was a new experience for me, and it left me feeling relaxed, energized, and with a clear mind. It was a positive experience that I would welcome again.”