Wuwu Woman

Trinity Scalar Energy Tower Buster

This powerful tower buster has iron shavings, a copper wire and three stones in it: clear quartz, EMF fighting shungite and blue kyanite, which is known for it's beautiful color, and corresponds to the throat chakra. Tower busters are tactical pieces meant for outdoor use, but still work great inside the home to provide EMF protection. They are great for gardens as plants love them, and there is also evidence that they provide protection from cloud-seeding pollution. https://www.wuwuwoman.com/blog/2018/4/25/evidence-that-scalar-energy-repels-geoengineering-pollution These pieces work great for your home, garden, and may also be gifted to cell phone towers and waterways to mitigate EMF and enhance environmental health. Each tower buster is 3" wide at the base and about 7/8" in height.