Wuwu Woman

Unicorn Scalar Energy Pyramid

Like the mythical unicorn, this pyramid is extremely rare. The "horn" is a fossilized mollusk shell, which I wrapped in copper wire to amp up the power of the pyramid, which also has a large piece of tumbled amethyst, a piece of raw shungite, and a piece of blue kyanite, all cast in bright pink polyester resin. The bottom layer is packed with iron shavings and cast in bright purple polyester resin. Amethyst, known for it's healing properties and ability to cleanse the mind of negative thoughts, it is associated with the crown chakra. Shungite is tied to the root chakra and known for it's EMF fighting properties, and blue kyanite is a powerful stone that assists in balancing all chakras and meridians in the body. 4 1/4" wide at the base, this pyramid is powerful enough to fight EMF in your entire home. People who use scalar energy devices report better sleep, enhanced focus, meditation, and a sense of well-being.