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About Orgone Energy


About Orgone Energy

We can thank the research of Wilhelm Reich for this wonderful technology. He discovered that by layering organic and inorganic materials, one could create etheric energy, which he named "orgone." This was able to be measured using a modified geiger counter. He created boxes called orgone accumulators which he used to heal patients of various ailments. Orgone energy has also been referred to as zero point energy, torsion fields, dark matter and scalar energy.

In the 1990's, Karl Welz invented "orgonite", a device based on Reich's research. He found that by casting metal (inorganic) in resin (organic as it is derived from petroleum) it could create the same effect. Carol Croft emphasized adding in quartz crystals, which amplify the energy and create a piezoelectric effect. Those are the three basic ingredients needed for these devices, metal and crystals cast in either polyester or epoxy resin. The compression of the metal creates an excitement, which pulls in the dead energy and filters it, a process known as the Casimir effect. Crystals are carriers of information that can amplify and restructure energy. Different types of crystals carry different frequencies and can offer unique benefits.

Orgone, or scalar energy devices, (the two terms are interchangeable) take DOR, or Deadly Orgone Energy, such as is emitted from cell towers and wifi, and converts it to POR, or Positive Orgone Energy. It takes that energy that is difficult for our bodies to process and breaks it down in a way so it is easier to pass through. That is why many people report better sleep while having these devices in their home. People also report more vivid dreams, deeper meditation, and a sense of well-being.

Scalar energy devices are not only healthy for people, they are healthy for plants and bodies of water as well. After "gifting" tower busters to local waterways, I noticed higher water levels without rain and increased plant growth. People keep tower busters around their garden and see an increase in growth. Scalar energy waves from these devices can repel pollution from geoengineering back up to the atmosphere. I thought it all sounded too good to be true myself until I tried it, my experiments have been nothing short of amazing. I encourage everyone to get a piece for the home, it is well worth the results.

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