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Frequently Asked Questions


How do you care for your pyramids?

You may cleanse your pyramids by running them under cold water and drying them with a cloth or towel. You may cleanse and charge both your pyramids and jewelry by setting them in direct sunlight for about 20 minutes. I would not leave them in the sun for too long, as the crystals and resin could become discolored, which is why tower busters are typically reserved for outdoor use.  You may cleanse using sage or palo santo smoke, running the smoke over the pyramid for a few moments. A great way to cleanse your orgone jewelry and cell phone protective pieces is to place them on a large piece of selenite crystal overnight, with the crystal part facing down, or vice versa, with the selenite on top of the protector. You can plop your phone right on it with it, selenite is a cleansing stone that is commonly used to cleanse other crystals, it is a high vibrations stone. It is fine to run your pyramids under water, but selenite should stay dry, so only use dry orgone pieces with selenite.

Where should I place my pyramids to get the maximum benefit?

Of course, the bigger the piece, the more powerful it will be, larger pieces will cover a larger area. I typically tell people it is a good idea to have a piece near your computer box, and a piece near where you sleep. It is a good idea to place orgone near any major area of EMF output. If you have an outdoor area you would like to grid to increase plant growth and protect from cloud-seeding pollution, it is a good idea to put a tower buster at all four corners of your property. You could add as many pieces as you like to increase the benefit, but this would provide basic coverage. It is also best to avoid excessive exposure to cellular phones and wifi whenever possible. Turning off the wifi at night is a good idea, and one should never sleep with their phone nearby. Move it to another room if possible.

Will the pyramids affect the function of my wifi?

Not at all. I have never heard of these devices having any effect on the function of the wifi whatsoever. The scalar energy devices simply effect how the wifi passes through our energy bodies so that we don't feel the bad side effects of exposure to excessive EMF. It is protection but does not remove the wifi. 

How Do I know which piece/pieces i should get for my home?

I make all of my pieces to be effective, so this is a matter of budget and personal preference. I think that choosing a piece of orgone is like choosing a crystal and should be personal to you; trust your own intuition. What you are drawn to is probably the right choice. Tower busters are an economical choice, but if you feel drawn to the pyramids, they are lovely in the home and office. You can mix both to cover multiple areas. Tower busters are ideal for outdoors but note that they may become discolored after prolonged sun exposure.

how do i protect my children from wifi at school?

Many parents have asked me this question. I do make orgone necklaces which are small enough for children, or can be shortened to an appropriate length for them if requested. However they could be a choking hazard for babies and very young children, please ensure that your child is old enough to know not to put the necklace in their mouth. Due to the amount of wifi energy that is emitted in schools, I would also recommend that the child keep a tower buster on their person or at their desk if at all possible. The mini tower busters are small enough to carry in a pocket or backpack.

are your pieces only for women?

No, I make bioenergy wellness products for everyone. The brand name is just a silly play on me, the product maker, being a woman, who deals in subtle energy, which some refer to as being “woo woo”. These products can and should be used by adults and children of any gender.

Do you make custom pieces?

Yes I do, please visit my Etsy shop to make a custom request. I can build a chembuster for those residing in the Los Angeles area. (The materials are too expensive and heavy to sell as a regular product on Etsy for the full-size chembuster, but I can accommodate local clientele) If you are interested in a chembuster, send a message by clicking the Contact link above.