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Reiki Distance Healing

Reiki is a form of energy healing in which a practitioner channels healing energy from higher dimensional beings using a hands-on, hands-close, or distance technique. This energy transcends time and space, and can also be sent remotely to anywhere in the world. Crystals can be added to the mix to amplify energy and assist in healing certain chakras. (Chakras are energy centers, with 7 main ones, starting at the tailbone and going up the spine to the crown) I began doing this type of healing in 2016, and it has changed my life dramatically. It is a tool that I use personally to cleanse and strengthen my energy field, help with both physical and emotional well-being, and assist in manifestation. While it is a supplement to seeing an ethical doctor and part of a holistic health practice, people have reported amazing results in the healing of disease and physical ailments in using reiki. It can be used in conjunction with seeing a licensed therapist to heal emotional trauma. It is typically used for stress-relief and general healing, but the benefits are endless. Reiki is not affiliated with any religion and cannot cause harm. Because it is transferred from Source energy, it automatically adjusts to what the person receiving it needs.

The type of reiki I am attuned in is Usui Holy Fire III. After practicing Holy Fire II reiki for 2 1/2 years, in 2018 I received my Reiki Master attunement. In April of 2019, I received the Holy Fire III placement, the newest and most powerful form of reiki energy now known. The Holy Fire III energy comes from very high realms of consciousness, and has the ability to achieve deeper healing, reaching dormant energies which need healing, that the receiver may not even be consciously aware that they had. Like an onion, we have many layers which need healing, and the Holy Fire III energy reaches deep. I am grateful that I get to work with this wonderful energy. Holy Fire is a fairly new type of reiki that was introduced by the International Center for Reiki Training in 2014, with energy that comes from a higher level of consciousness. Humans and our planet are evolving, there are exciting new energies coming in that we can work with to strengthen ourselves and our energy field.

Because I do not have a studio space in Los Angeles where I am located, I am only offering distance healing sessions at the moment, which just as effective as an in-person healing session. This energy transcends time and space, and can be sent remotely from anywhere in the world. Once you purchase your healing session, I will need some information from you, to ensure the best possible healing. You can only reveal what you feel comfortable doing so, and you may think your intentions if you choose, as the Holy Fire energy does the work. The reiki master is simply channeling the healing energy. At the beginning of your session, I will call you for a short consultation before leading you in the Holy Fire Healing Experience, a guided meditation. Then, I will tune into your energy, intention, and send reiki, utilizing my crystal grid to assist in amplifying the energies. The grid is programmed to send reiki energy continuously, so even after your session ends, the energy will continue to work for you. It is a World Peace Grid which has all of the world’s major religions represented around the grid. I use this grid to send the intention of world peace, as well as in my healing sessions. The grid is a very powerful healing method, and I have seen amazing results on using it to heal both myself and others.

What to expect during a reiki session? Many people report feeling warmth, tingling, a sense of relaxation. It is good to drink water and relax after. While most people report feeling good after a session, it is possible that the movement of energy could stir up stuck toxins and get them moving out of the body, which could result in the person temporarily feeling ill or emotional. The removal of toxins and negative emotions is a positive thing, the bad must come out to allow space for good. I have experienced the emotional aspect after sessions in healing myself and always feel much more clear and lighter after the release. The energy continues to move through you and the healing can continue after the session ends.

Prices for Reiki Distance Healing with Crystal Grid:

60 minutes - $111

40 minutes - $74

20 minutes - $37

How to purchase a reiki session? Since this is a service rather than a product, I do not sell this on Etsy as it is against their policy. You may send payment via either Paypal: Brinn2win@yahoo.com, or Venmo: Kelly-Brinn-1. How to book a your session once you purchase? Please send me some information at your earliest convenience to get the process started. You may email me by clicking the contact tab at the top of the page. I will need to know: Your full name, location (city and state will do) and your phone number. Send a clear, recent picture of only you. This helps me to tune into your energy. Send any intentions for what you would like me to heal. Example: “ I am ready to heal the root cause of ______. “ I am ready to manifest _______” For a general healing without specific request, I would ask for the best physical, mental, spiritual health and abundance. Please let me know of your availability using US Pacific Time. I can usually send you reiki within 48 hours. If I am unavailable for a period of time, I will announce the dates in my Etsy shop banner.

The reiki grid is very powerful and has helped me tremendously, I am excited to share this wonderful energy. I look forward to healing you!

Disclaimer: Energy healing is part of a holistic health practice, and is intended to supplement, not replace, needed medical or mental health care. If you are sick or in need of mental health care, please consult your healthcare provider. While I have seen amazing results from reiki, I cannot offer any guarantees of any specific result.

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