Wuwu Woman

Ancient Forest Diamond Orgone Energy Pyramid

3.5" wide at the base and about 2.75" in height, this orgone energy pyramid has many powerful reiki-charged crystals to produce a high-frequency orgone energy. The tip has a petroleum diamond, a large piece of tumbled smoky quartz, a piece of green fluorite, a piece of blue kyanite, and a copper coil, cast in sheer green polyester resin. The base has a piece of raw shungite, copper bb's and aluminum shavings, cast in shimmering blue polyester resin. Diamonds are high-frequency stones which amplify the energies of the other crystals. Smoky quartz is a grounding and protective stone. Blue kyanite is a cleansing stone, associated with the throat chakra. Green fluorite is known to cleanse the aura and provide protection against electromagnetic frequencies. Shungite is a grounding stone, also known to protect against electromagnetic smog.