Wuwu Woman

Diamond & Amethyst Orgone Energy Power Cuff

This orgone energy cuff has a large and powerful pendant. 1 7/8" wide at the base and 1 1/8" in height, the top layer of the pendant has a large petroleum diamond, a piece of green fluorite, a piece of blue kyanite, and small pieces of tumbled amethyst, cast in clear polyester resin. The base of the pendant has aluminum shavings cast in shimmering lavender polyester resin. The cuff is made of base metals, is 3/4" wide, 5 3/8" long and has a 1 1/8" opening. Because the pendant is heavy, it is comfortable to wear pushed up on the arm as pictured. Diamonds are high frequency stones known for their ability to amplify energy as well as the effects of other crystals. Blue kyanite is a cleansing stone associated with the throat chakra. Green fluorite is known to cleanse the aura as well as protect against electromagnetic stress.