Wuwu Woman

Lapis Lazuli & Diamond Orgone Energy Pyramid

3.5" wide at the base, this orgone energy pyramid has a beautiful piece of tumbed lapis lazuli right at the tip, with a petroleum diamond, a piece of green fluorite, and a piece of blue kyanite beneath it. I normally put the diamond at the tip, but this lapis lazuli happens to be in a pyramid shape already, so I thought it was fitting for it to go at the tip. All of these reiki-charged crystals are cast in clear polyester resin. The base has aluminum shavings and copper bb's cast in shimmering green polyester resin. Lapis lazuli is a powerful meditation and healing stone associated with the throat and third eye chakras. Diamonds are high-frequency stones known to amplify the effects of the other crystals. Blue kyanite is a cleansing stone associated with the throat chakra, and green fluorite is known to cleanse the aura as well as protect against electromagnetic stress.