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Orgone Energy Mini Tower Busters - Assorted Colors

Each of these orgone tower busters was formulated with a powerful combination of reiki-charged crystals and metals to emit an extremely high frequency, it is a very powerful piece for the size. About 2" wide at the base and about 3/4" in height, they are an ideal size for children to carry to school, or adults in their pocket as well. Also great for the home, garden and gifting places of high electronic output. Each one has copper or steel bb's, aluminum shavings, a copper wire-wrapped piece of clear quartz, a piece of blue kyanite, shungite, and green fluorite. Clear quartz is known to amplify energy, intention, and strengthen the aura. Shungite is a grounding stone known for protection from electronics. Green fluorite is a high-vibration energy cleanser that is also known to protect against geopathic stress. Blue kyanite is associated with the throat chakra, and is known for it's ability to align all chakras and cleanse the other stones. All cast in sparkling pale pink, lilac or peach polyester resin.