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Orgone Energy Sacred Geometry Necklace - Kunzite, Shungite, Bionized Tourmalinated Quartz

This orgone energy necklace has a piece of reiki-charged shungite, pink kunzite, and small pieces of tumbled bionized tourmalinated quartz, cast in clear polyester resin. The base has copper bb's and aluminum shavings, cast in shimmering dark gunmetal gray polyester resin. The bezel cup has a sacred geometry pattern etched on the back. The chain is made of base metals and is 35" long, hitting at the solar plexus. (If you want the chain shortened, send a message at purchase.) Crystals that have been bionized have been put through a process to awaken the energies. Kunzite is a rare healing stone, known for it's calming energy, associated with the heart chakra. Shungite is a grounding stone, known to protect against electromagnetic stress. Tourmalinated quartz infuses protective tourmaline into clear quartz, one of the most powerful healing stones.