Wuwu Woman

Goldenboy Orgone Energy Crystal Necklace - Unisex

This orgone energy necklace has an adjustable-slipknot waxed cotton cord which is 28" at it's longest. The pendant has a copper wire-wrapped bionized quartz, (bionized crystals have been energetically awoken) reiki-charged blue kyanite and green fluorite, with real gold leaf, cast in sheer yellow polyester resin at the top of the pendant. The bottom layer of the pendant has brass shavings cast in shimmering pumpkin polyester resin. The bezel cup is made of base metals and has a sacred geometry pattern etched in the back. Quartz is the most popular and abundant healing crystal, known to cleanse and align all chakras. Blue kyanite is a cleansing stone associated with the throat chakra. Green fluorite is known to cleanse the aura as well as protect against electromagnetic stress.