Wuwu Woman

Primary Rainbow Orgone Energy Pyramid - Herkimer Diamond/Lapis Lazuli

This orgone energy pyramid has several powerful reiki-charged stones, beautiful energy sings off of this piece! The tip has a herkimer diamond, a piece of tumbled lapis lazuli, a piece of blue kyanite, a piece of green fluorite, and a copper coil, cast in clear polyester resin. The second layer has brass shavings cast in shimmering gold polyester resin. The third layer has a large piece of raw shungite, two tumbled citrine, rose quartz, and fire agate cast in clear red polyester resin. The base is 3 3/4" wide and has aluminum shavings and copper bb's cast in shimmering royal blue polyester resin. Length at side is 3". The herkimer diamond is a very high frequency stone which amplifies the effects of the other crystals. Lapis lazuli has been used as a healing stone for thousands of years and is associated with the throat and third eye chakras. It has been known to promote higher thinking, honesty and harmony. Blue kyanite is known for it's ability to align all of the chakras as well as cleanse the other stones. Green fluorite is known as a powerful aura cleanser which also protects against harmful electronic frequencies. Shungite is also well known to protect against electronics, and is also a very grounding stone. Fire agate is a grounding stone associated with the lower chakras, citrine is the stone of abundance, associated with the solar plexus, and rose quartz is powerful healing stone associated with the heart chakra and all forms of love.