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Orgone Energy Cell Phone EMF Protector Pocket Slim - Bionized Tourmalinated Quartz, Shungite

Cell phones emit harmful frequencies, orgone energy can help to filter them. This phone protector mounts to the back of your phone or case, each one is about 1.75" wide at the base, about 1/2" in height and has aluminum shavings, copper or steel bb's, small pieces of tumbled bionized, tourmalinated quartz, and a piece of raw shungite. Bionized crystals have been put through a process which awakens the energies. Clear quartz is known to amplify energy, intention, and strengthen the aura. Black tourmaline is a grounding, protective stone, known to protect against electromagnetic stress. Shungite is a grounding stone known for protection from electronics. Cast in sparkling yellow polyester resin.