Wuwu Woman

Diamond Sunburst Large Scalar Energy Pyramid

4 3/8"" at the base and 5" tall at the side, this orgone energy pyramid has a powerful combination of reiki-charged stones which emit a high frequency. There is a petroleum diamond at the tip, diamonds are high frequency stones that amplify the energy of the other crystals. There is a large piece of tumbled smoky quartz, a stone of grounding and protection, a piece of green fluorite, an aura-cleansing stone known for it's ability to protect against geopathic stress. There is a piece of blue kyanite, associated with the throat chakra and known to cleanse the aura as well as other stones; a large piece of tumbled hematite, a grounding, healing stone. Goldleaf swirls at the tip, and around the hematite are small tumbled pieces of rose quartz, citrine, and fire agate. Fire agate is associated with the lower chakras and is known to send negativity back to where it came from. Citrine is associated with the solar plexus chakra, confidence and abundance. Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love, including self love. There is a copper coil at the tip, brass and aluminum shavings at the base, all cast in sheer pink, sheer yellow, and shimmering brick red polyester resin.