Wuwu Woman

Midnight Orgone Energy Giza Pyramid - Kunzite, Bionized Amethyst, Shungite

With a powerful combination of bionized and reiki-charged healing crystals, the energy coming off of the piece sings. 3.75" wide at the base and about 2 5/8" in height, the tip has a piece of pink kunzite, a rare and powerful healing stone associated with the heart chakra. Also at the tip is a large piece of bionized raw amethyst. Bionized crystals have been put through a process to awaken the energies. Amethyst is one of the most popular healing stones, known for it's calming effect. The tip also has a copper spiral, reiki-charged green fluorite and blue kyanite. Blue kyanite is a cleansing stone associated with the throat chakra, and green fluorite is a powerful aura cleanser, known to protect against electromagnetic smog, all cast in clear polyester resin. The base has a large piece of raw shungite, copper bb's and aluminum shavings, cast in shimmering dark gunmetal gray polyester resin. Shungite is a grounding stone also known to protect against electromagnetic stress.